Apple new iPadOS will have SMB support

Apple announced at their developers’ conference yesterday that they are diverging the iPhone IOS and iPad OS. The iPadOS is supposed to move much closer to the current Mac OS and eventually perhaps merge. The iPad OS will have SMB support for the first time and a Mac-like finder app that will allow you to move files between iPad and the outside world.

This perhaps brings the intriguing prospect of being able to download HD music to your iPad and then upload it to the UnitiCore.

In any case the Naim IOS app will need to work on the iPhone IOS and iPadOS or split into two apps.

And that means there is an opportunity coming for Naim to do something really useful with the Naim IPad app and integrate download handling alongside ripping with the Core and make a greatly simplified user experience.

I see lots of beta testing opportunities ahead here for those that are interested! Drawing it to @Stevesky attention…




Hi David,just been reading much of the same looking forward to the new updates that are coming to Apple products be interesting to see what is replacing ITunes?

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Thanks David, the download function would be a massive improvement👍

More prosaically perhaps now Naim will produce an app that will work on a MacBook or Macmini etc.?

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