Apple TV & Airplay 2 made my AVR redundant - so I thought

Just checked: can’t find audio sync on Atv nor Nd5xs2 unfortunately.

No, I think ideally it ought to be on AppleTV.

As you’ll know generally it’s the video processing that lags behind audio on projectors/TVs, so using Airplay adds an extra lag for audio which might actually compensate.

It should not be beyond devices like AppleTV to offer a correction for video lag however. There is some kind of correction as I said on AppleTV, just couldn’t get it to work with iPhone.

I guess the real question is whether or not Airplay 2 allows a target device to adjust for lip sync or if the proprietary format insists for licensing that this is controlled by the source/AppleTV.

@Will @tomvamos

I’ve missed something. How can it make the AVR redundant unless you were only using it as an HDMI bridge to the stereo and not for surround? If so, it might have been redundant long ago.

Surely if you run multichannel surround, then the AVR is still required to actually steer and drive the channels?

Then you have to use a home cinema receiver.
I do wonder why they are always receivers, I’ve never used mine to listen to the radio. Of course mine has airplay so it’s actually making other things redundant not the other way round. Plus if you have multiple sources, PlayStation’s, Blu-ray players, recorders etc there’s little alternative other than a basic hdmi switching box.

You are right: redundant for me as I only do stereo

Did it not occur to you to take an optical out from the TV direct to your streamer optical in? And not buy the AVR in the first place?

The apple Tv has no optical out, only hdmi. Older models had it, but our friends at Apple decided to take it out. Other solutions are hdmi audio extractors, but this Airplay2 solution makes those redundant as well.

Still in the process of deciding if I like this solution though

I mean from the TV not the Apple. Most TVs (not all) have optical out that cam be downmixed to stereo LPCM.

I don’t have a TV, that’s one of the points.

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Oh yeah… I must clear the planks from my eyes.


I’m finding newer models have less and less connectivity options, probably fine for most but not all.

The beast is back. Experiment failed.

As @Alley_Cat also experienced, some apps on the Apple TV simply don’t function well with Airplay (such as YouTube). I am now back to having reintegrated the massive otherwise useless receiver but it’s function to pass through video to one projector from one source and passing the stereo audio through to my 252. As it is also some 10 years old and not being able to handle 4k, I will probably replace it with a Marantz which is somewhat compacter in height.

Can’t win them all! :sunglasses:

Google (YouTube) and Apple rarely play well together :slight_smile:

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Ha, yes. Why can’t we all just get along!?

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That’s a shame. I’ve not used my projector much in recent weeks, I hope it hasn’t got worse!

There’s a new update I haven’t applied yet which is bound to mess something up!

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I do exactly the same with my NDX2. Fantastically simple to do and sounds great

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