Apple TV & Airplay 2 made my AVR redundant - so I thought

A finding I would like to share.

We have no TV, just a projector (beamer) with Apple TV for movies (stereo only) and such and the Naim system for Stereo. Until today, signals from the Apple TV over Hdmi to the Denon AVR (AV Receiver), the AV Bypass over Naim and video hdmi to the projector. We have no other devices that make use of the Avr.

Now I installed the Nd5xs2, with Airplay 2 functionality. When watching films, the Apple Tv sends the audio over Airplay2 to the Nd5xs2 and we hook up the Apple Tv directly for video signal into the projector.

Thus: I took the now useless AVR out of the rack. Couldn’t be more pleased!

Btw: We have no issues with lip sync, but if we had, they don’t seem easy to be remedied.

Ok…I give up. Searched Denon AVR…yup found them…everything there is to know…oh…except what’s AVR stand for. It’s hell being obsessive compulsive. But…I’d rather look stupid than be stupid.

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Updated it!

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AV Receiver - multichannel amplifier

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AV…audio video? Sure. But…until I know,
I don’t know. Denon also assumes I know. Lots of words start with “A” tho. lol…

But my interest here is…I think this will pertain also to my coming Nova? Is that correct Clare?

Ah…that’s only half the battle. I don’t suppose you’d explain to me what Apple TV 4K is? It’s a box? That hooks via HDMI to…a video…you said projector…that’s a monitor? The Apple TV…is that like an audio streamer? So you’d broadcast the Apple TV network (or whatever it is?) It also does any other streaming service (Netflix, YouTube TV…?)

AV = Audio Video.

Apple TV 4K is a streaming hub, which gives you access to Apple TV+ streaming service, Apple Music, Apple Fitness+ and all the content you’ve bought (movies, TV shows, games and more) via Apple’s online store. It also offers a lot of catch-up TV apps, plus apps for other streaming services (Amazon Prime Video, YouTube etc) - but then most TVs have such Apps built in these days.

Apple has had several generations of Apple TV box - they announced a new one just last week:


So…with a TV that has all the streaming services built in, and a good connection and subscriptions, the Apple TV+ is unnecessary unless you want to watch Apple TV content or purchased from Apple content?

It depends alot on the age of your tv and with it, its processing power.
I find streaming apps perform better in our appletv than the native tv app equivalents.
Not so much the picture quality but less audio drop outs.
Also the AppleTV streaming service is available as an app on some tv’s so you dont alway need the Apple box for it.

It also works as an AirPlay hub, as this thread started out - giving you an easy way to get all that content playing through your AirPlay 2-supporting products, including many from Naim (original Mu-so and Mu-so Qb, Mu-so and Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation, ND5 XS2, NDX-2 and ND 555)

Well…that’s my next question and or purchase…a TV. Monitor? TV? You said “projector.” To me (old fart) I literally think a projector shooting the image to a screen erected in the room ala cinema. Is that what you have?

The Apple TV+ isn’t very expensive. Did you get the larger capacity for movie/ video storage?

No, just a couple of small ones. We store all our movie rips on a nas running plex and have installed the plex client on the apple tv. Our first appletv was to add some smart functionality to a non-smart bedroom tv, another soon followed for the main tv as it was so useful.
Also most streaming services, netflix etc, have apps for it so you a not reliant on the tv manufacturers to keep their software up to date.

Apart from the 1st generation AppleTVs (40GB and later 160GB hard drives), later and current AppleTVs do not store any video/audio. You can’t connect an external hard drive to it. You stream via the internet or Home Sharing of downloaded content in your ‘iTunes library’ on a local Mac or PC.

The storage on current AppleTVs is for downloadable apps and their data, some of which, especially games, can eat up storage. Some storage is also used for downloadable screensavers and system services.

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I Airplay to the Nova from AppleTV 4k when using a projector. I have had lip sync issues in the past which are not easy to remedy, unless something has changed. I am quite sensitive to this though, but have not used my Yamaha AV processor for several years which would probably help.

Apple changed the ability to designate a default speaker sometime last year which often means I need to select the Nova manually for Airplay 2 output. Some apps annoyingly (notably BritBox) dropped the audio out setting between episodes defaulting to HDMI which is frustrating as I then get a tinny sound from the projector’s speaker!

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Ah, thank you for the first on topic reply :wink:.

Interesting and nice to know I am not alone in using it like this. Lip sync: no issues so far, I am also sensitive to this, but I thought both nd5xs2 and Atv have abilities on this, I will check. [Edit: have checked, unfortunately not possible on either Atv nor Nd5xs2]

The default audio is bothering me as well, hope they correct this. Sound over hdmi has not occurred yet, that would be very annoying. I use infuse for local files, stream sports over airplay from my ipad and netflix for the rest, no issues so far.

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I have an older version of Infuse which still works well, though must admit that I don’t watch as much TV as I used to, especially content from the NAS.

I think the majority of what we watch is streaming based these days.

One of the better things Apple have done in recent years is to offer free 4k upgrades of 1080p movie purchases where available - good enough for watching on the Samsung 4k TV. Alas the projector is 1080p, cheap but still one of the best vfm purchases ever.

The one thing I’m a little annoyed about is that there is no option to upgrade SD TV/Film purchases and you’d have to buy again. Despite having them on DVD I bought Seasons 1-5 of Babylon 5 at Christmas when the series were half price to get the original 4:3 aspect ratio shows. A few weeks later they were released in HD, something I’d never anticipated having looked for news on this for many years.

Between a fairly large catalogue of iTunes purchases, Netflix/PrimeTV/Britbox and iTunes there is always plenty to watch, I just wish there was an easier way of navigating many of the streaming services apps.

If I’m stuck with lip sync issues my solution will be to use an old AppleTV 3 which benefits from still having optical out which I could run to the Nova. I’ve owned every iteraton of AppleTV, and have many gathering dust which could be repurposed but there are only so many TVs and viewing rooms!

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The only option I have for Airplay for the Nova in Input Settings in the Naim app is to enable/disable the input. HDMI input itself has a lip sync option but wouldn’t work for our needs AFAICS.

There was some kind of option for audio sync using an iPhone placed close to the speakers, but I could never get it to work - maybe time to revisit.

I am using AppleTV and Naim but since the current 272 doesnt support Airplay I have to resort to various ugly hacks to make it work.

Hdmi audio extractors and such perhaps? If I end up being unhappy with my current wonderful solution I might end up with that. Really dislike using a massive Avr with soso sound and too many options for just stereo audio from apple tv.

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