Apple-TV App

Any chance of porting the iPad app to the Apple-TV.

Would people be interested ?


I would, with the caveat that I might use it a couple of times a year. Would be great for guests staying who might want to browse iRadio, UPNP or TIDAL. And it goes without saying it should support the old “green screen” streamers like the SU and 272.

No desire whatsoever, and I fail to see the point. Furthermore, the AppleTV hand remote has a horrible user experience IMO, so I have to use the iOS app instead, making a AppleTV app for Naim even more pointless.

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The Apple TV’s handheld remote is TERRIBLE. I agree!

I would regard myself as an AppleTV veteran having used every iteration ever released.

The earlier white and silver remotes were excellent - simple and functional, though the white remote in particular tended to suffer from ‘button’ failures far too soon.

The current and recent black post ATV 3 AppleTV remotes are DIRE! Utterly dire! Appallingly bad touch pad, over sensitive, plus you never know which way up it is in a dark room.

In fact I was so annoyed/enraged with something the other day I physically destroyed the current one - childish I know, but I don’t miss it one bit!

But agree very much over sensitive.

In all honesty it shouldn’t be difficult with the current XCode software to compile for that target, or to port it to macOS Catalina.

Provided the underlying functionality is stable I think people could forgive occasional GUI glitches, but Naim may not want to extend beyond current supported devices.

The more platforms supported howver, the better it is for the customer.

An AppleTV as a remote GUI could be superb actually even if the device has no role in audio playback.

As a long time Qobuz user Tidal has appeal simply by the fact they have an AppleTV app - ok maybe primarily for videos - but an always on/on standby physical devices can potentially remove the need for an iOS/Android portable device in the room which is appealing.

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