Apple TV remote / Uniti Atom Pairing

I’ve had issues with the HDMI ARC connection between the Uniti Atom and our Sony TV model KLD-50W700B. Loss of audio connection through HDMI happens frequently enough that I thought of opting for a digitial audio connection from the TV to the Atom.

The drawback to this is that we use an Apple TV for our viewing and without HDMI ARC, I can’t get the Apple TV remote to control the Uniti Atom’s volume. Is there a way to pair the volume functionality of the Atom with the Apple TV? Attempting to have the Apple TV learn the Uniti remote’s volume functions through Apple TV’s interface doesn’t work since it doesn’t appear to be IR. Is there another way to achieve the pairing?

I understand I can separately use the iOS app or the Atom’s remote to control the volume, but neither solution is convenient as it brings another device into play.

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It’s zigbee so you won’t be able to do this unfortunately.


But the Apple Remote will control the volume on the Statement :smiley:

If you’re viewing stuff on the ATV set the audio output in the ATV settings app to output to the atom via airplay.

I’ve been doing it a while with my ATV and 222.

I also have an Apple TV and an Atom either end of an LG tv, once the audio output is set to ARC on the tv the Apple remote controls the Atom volume, when I power off with the Apple remote both the TV and Atom go in to standby.

I appreciate the other comments to the thread. Everything was always set as suggested (audio output, etc…).

As a former bench scientist, I’ve been able to refine a protocol that seems to work >95% of the time for my setup.

  1. The Apple TV is set up to receiver control, as expected.

  2. The Uniti Atom is set to switch to the HDMI port every time it is powered up - I found that powering up and then manually switching to HDMI was consistently trouble.

  3. With everything off, I power up only using the Apple TV remote. TV turns on fine 100% of the time and >95% of the time the Atom will also turn on.

  4. When the Atom turns on, it will primarily make the 48 kHz HDMI connection. Occasionally after initially making the connection, it will lose it within 30 seconds or so if I don’t touch anything. However, if I press volume up/down a couple of times on the Apple TV remote once the initial HDMI connection is made, I find the connection remains stable.

  5. I turn off the system exclusively through the Apple TV menu and set it to sleep. This powers down the Apple TV and the Atom. You should be good to go for next time.

  6. If this process doesn’t work and HDMI just doesn’t connect, I find that powering down through the Apple TV and powering up again is successful.

I find this is reproducible and largely avoids headaches. It’s not the most convenient situation, but it’s more convenient than the voodoo I was trying previous to make the HDMI audio link up with the Atom - having the Atom on before the TV, or before the Apple TV, just breaks the ARC/HDMI control chain in my system.

Have you got another TV to see if the issue moves with the TV?

Do other people have the same type of issues with the ARC connection or not.

I can’t really comment on ARC as my NSC-222 doesn’t have an ARC port.

We only have one TV in the house, but from reading these forums the issues with ARC connections are not unique to any brand.

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