Apple TV remote / Uniti Atom Pairing

I’ve had issues with the HDMI ARC connection between the Uniti Atom and our Sony TV model KLD-50W700B. Loss of audio connection through HDMI happens frequently enough that I thought of opting for a digitial audio connection from the TV to the Atom.

The drawback to this is that we use an Apple TV for our viewing and without HDMI ARC, I can’t get the Apple TV remote to control the Uniti Atom’s volume. Is there a way to pair the volume functionality of the Atom with the Apple TV? Attempting to have the Apple TV learn the Uniti remote’s volume functions through Apple TV’s interface doesn’t work since it doesn’t appear to be IR. Is there another way to achieve the pairing?

I understand I can separately use the iOS app or the Atom’s remote to control the volume, but neither solution is convenient as it brings another device into play.

It’s zigbee so you won’t be able to do this unfortunately.

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