aq diamond cable

The problem of the network cable has been discussed many times before, but I still hope that you can give me advice. I have a diamond now, 0.75. I want to know if someone uses two diamonds? Sound quality

Would it be better? (Sorry, I am translating English through google, I hope you can understand)

i use 2 diamonds, 0,75 m, from nds to switch and switch to unitserve. Vodka from router to switch. I wish to have one day the chord sarum t before the streamer.

It seems that there is no generality here: some prefer generic cables, even cat 5 , some more expensive ones as diamond or other.

Hello, French. I’ve read your article before and decided to buy the first diamond. Now it works very well. I like it very much. So I want to buy a second diamond, but I don’t know what happens when diamonds are used in NAS - 2960?

for me another diamond from unitserve (nas) to 2960 improved the sound vs the meicord cable i had before. A linear ps to my serve also.
But it is difficult to predict for somebody else.

I think I’ll do it your way. Are both your diamonds 0.75?

yes, both 0,75m. Tell me after what it did for you.

I can’t express more what I want to say in English, but only through translation software. I hope you can understand what I say. I think diamonds make me hear clearer voices and positioning, especially the treble has improved a lot.

i understand you very well. I feel too that the sound is more refined, nicer with the diamond. Better flow of music too. You have already put the second diamond ?

You may want to try some Blue Jeans Cables - these are inexpensive and fully qualified as quality cables. AQ cables do not meet high standards during Fluke tests despite their expense.

Do your own listening tests and make up your own mind, of course, but I have never heard a so called audiophile network cable that improved sound quality over a fully qualified cable.

I think I’ll put a second diamond soon, because I’ve been traveling recently.

i have tried some other, inexpensive or a bit expensive like meicord or audioquest vodka. The diamond sound better on my system.

But i can’t say that an inexpensive one can’t sound better vs the diamond. I have not find it, just tried 4 others… There are also much more expensive on the market vs the diamond.

I tried several times, but I couldn’t find the answer. When I finally found vodka, I heard real progress. Then I ventured to buy a brand new diamond. I can’t find a dealer here, so I have to buy it directly from foreign businessmen.

Try Blue Jeans Cables - they ship world wide & are not expensive.
Could save you a fortune.

I was listening to my music via plex in a hotel room last night, streaming from my home server. I listened to the whole of pink floyds animals whilst I was typing away for work.

I had disconnected my phone (And therefore the network) from the laptop without thinking about it around about mid track two, and the album played out just fine.

Something to think about.

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Isn’t that the effect of buffering?

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