Are audiophile lps better than original/ Ken Micallef

What means better? Is it better resolution, more details…as most tend to think?
Are audiophile lps like Tone Poets, MOFI or Music Matters really better sounding vs original lps?
Ken Micallef explains and gives his point of view. I mostly agree with the overall point of view here. Generally I prefer the original recordings. And also I am not chasing resolution and details, more the “ holistic “ sound.
And you?

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It’s always about the music imo.

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He waffles on for ages and basically it all comes down to personal preference.

From my point of view I only started listening to Jazz around 2014 as a result of MMJ releases. Luckily I started buying these MMJ records which to me sound fantastic.
I now continue to buy Tone Poets which sound fantastic and very good value for money.

Would I prefer originals to these? Maybe but the chance of finding any in decent condition for a reasonable price is pretty much zero.

I am not really bothered which sound better as far as I am concerned the MMJ & Tone Poets I have are very good and I am happy enough.

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Yes, in this country at least, finding mint original Blue Notes is very difficult so you have to rely on buying from afar and of course, paying a hefty premium - if you can find them. To that end, being able to buy a brand new, beautifully mastered and pressed reissue with a fab replica tip-on sleeve for around £30 makes the reissues brilliant in my opinion. Any arguments over differences or preferences are somewhat moot as a consequence.

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I wish I still had the direct-to-disk jazz recordings I had in the 1970s. That would be an interesting comparison.

Of course, a lot of Blue Notes original lps are very rare and expensive, and can’t be found NM or M. in that case the audiophile reissues are very welcome .
As I don’t listen that much to 60’s jazz, I am less concerned. Be it Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis from the 70’s, Led Zeppelin……it’s much more easy to find a pressing in NM quality, from the year of production.

The review is also about what is “ better “ sound. The reviewer tends to prefer an holistic and organic sound, vs one that majors resolution and details. It’s the reason I prefer Naim vs Chord for instance.

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