Are Naim Cutting back on their product Range?

I was thinking of buying a Naim DAC ’ and was wondering if Naim still makes a current DAC. Any takers? The N DAC second hand looks good value.

Naim no longer make just a DAC on its own, as their streamers are effectively network enabled DACs.

Oh, and yes, the Naim DAC is an excellent bit of kit and good value second-hand (no prizes for guessing that i use one in my own system).


i have a Bel Canto DAC but would like the same Make.

I believe the best Naim DAC was n-Dac with separate PSU.

I’ve had DacV1 and a couple of Chords amo, finally I preferred an old Rega Dac, they are cheap as chips and just deliver music rather than analytical details.

I was positive overwhelmed with Chord Dacs, but they soon became unlistenable, strange issue, didn’t like their quirky operation either.

I replaced my DacV1 with mentioned Rega due to the Naim issue with fading screen.



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What model of rega DAC ?



To my knowledge they did one edition only.

Nothing stopping any other brand working just as well - or better!

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