Are posts been deleted from this forum?

I posted a few days ago reference ‘audio drop outs on unit star’. Can’t find any posts on this now in the last couple of weeks. Is the moderator now deleting topics posted? Laurencejames sent a reply by email acknowledging he agreed with it so I know it is posted. Can someone please help?

@Richard.Dane is the moderator.

@Richard.Dane can you please tell me what is going on? One of the topics is ‘Audio drop outs on ripped files’ in the Streaming Audio section is now not available for view. If I click on a link for it I get the message ‘Oops! that page is missing or is private’

@laurencejames - have you had the same problems? I got an email message where you commented on what I posted a few days ago and when I tried to go in to reply back to you I couldn’t. Maybe posts related to Uniti Star issues are now being censored in some way?

In that case, the thread is probably undergoing pruning. As the sole moderator, Richard has to keep an eye on all posts and keep conversations on track, and clean where the rules have been breached. Taking a thread offline temporarily is the simple solution. It’s not easy; I used to run a hifi forum myself but killed it after a few years. It takes a lot of time and delicacy sometimes is needed.


I find Naim very tolerant , if something has been removed it may because of other issues.

I never understood why the Carry On thread :thread: got deleted so quickly.


I believe the answer is some people’s behaviour.

I’ve had to quarantine it temporarily as something got flagged up and I need to investigate.

It is a rather unnecessary conspiracy thought as a discussion about possible errors on certain products has never been the subject of any action from admin side as far as I know, a little more trust in our forum is probably good to have…


What is the outcome of your investigation and why is it still quarantined Richard?

I didn’t see the thread in question but would suggest if it was moderated there was probably a genuine reason probably quite unrelated to your question.

This often happens due to other posters engaging in heated/passionate arguments, or posts which contravene site rules in other ways.

Don’t suppose you have any automated emails with responses or maybe even the original question? If so you might get an idea if something was out of line.

The main thing is to not take it personally, and I’d be quite tempted if I were you to reframe the question slightly and post it again if that’s easy to do.

Moderation isn’t always simple to leave a thread readable/understandable, though I guess a post could be pared back to the question alone as a possible solution assuming that in itself doesn’t contravene the rules in any way - if it had I suspect @Richard.Dane would have sent you a private message to indicate why or simply edited out the bits that were of concern.

Yes, it’s annoying if a thread you’ve started or invested time contributing to gets deleted permanently, but it does happen with very interesting though potentially contentious topics (political especially) which are not deemed appropriate according to the forum rules.

A huge benefit of this place is that Naim allow posts about ‘warts ’n all’ issues as well as glowing comments about their products along with discussion of other non-Naim systems which many other manufacturers probably wouldn’t.

Finally, as far as I know Richard D moderates this forum mostly as a labour of love rather than in any official Naim capacity these days. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

Best wishes, AC.

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I’d hope Richard’s life is not so barren of affection that he seeks emotional validation here.

It is a, badly, paid position.


Broad_bean, it’s ongoing, and forum policy is not to discuss moderation matters with anybody except those directly involved.

I wouldn’t mind betting the compensation for this thankless task is an annual butt of dry sack and extra coal in winter. It’s time Naim did the decent thing and threw in a Statement preamp too.


Moderators are needed and I imagine it’s a difficult job. This forum has been going a long time and seen changes, but it’s essentially the same standard.

Adam was more of a;

Whereas Richard is;


I think it might be more on the level of ‘three peppercorns’.



Richard has always been very professional!:sunglasses:


It’s a very thankless task being moderator but it is necessary for a number of reasons in following forum rules.

When posts are flagged for any reason they can be edited or removed and usually a message of actions taken is sent.
In threads where there could have been unpleasantness for a number of posts it might be more appropriate to remove whole threads for quarantine until sorted out thus not leaving unpleasantness or offending comments online.
It’s a very difficult job to do and be courteous and polite at the same time but clear boundaries shouldn’t be blurred.

Most moderation on sites is done in a voluntary manner for the passion of the hobby and should be respected.
Think before you flag and remember it’s in addition to someone’s day.

Not an elf! Dwarfs are so much more nuanced and sophisticated!


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