Are refurbished Qb worth buying?

Is it worth buying a manufacturer refurbshed Muso Qb 1 which comes with 2 year warranty?

Also, is there any major differences between a Qb1 and Qb2?

Warm recommendation from Qb1 owner. My Qb is used several hours daily both stand alone speaker for streaming and internet radio and also connected with tv, ps4 and digibox for over 2 years now and it runs like a clock.


Yes. It will as good as QB1 always was.
A QB2 will though be a tad better.
You get what you pay for in Naim land.

I don’t have experience of refurbished Naim gear but have often bought refurbished PCs and camera’s from the manufacturer and always felt I had a got a bargain and more importantly a reliable piece of kit, which has not always been the case with brand new items. So my advice would be to go for it and I must admit I am definitely interested in exploring this option for the bedroom.

A fortiori if it is for the bedroom and a different use from the main one is therefore RECOMMENDED. I have the qb 1 and it’s fine!

Qb2 has chromecast built-in, and will get Qobuz, whereas the 1st gen won’t.

Regarding sound, my dealer says the 2nd gen is better in every regard, but close enough that you’ll only tell them apart when a/b testing. Not if there’s 20min or so between sessions.

I didn’t listen myself as I was a tiny bit annoyed having just bought gen 1’s.

The answer will depend largely on how you intend to use it. The QB2 has a decent 802.11ac WiFi module, whereas the QB1 has very dated 802.11g. So my advice would be to consider the old model only if you are prepared to use a wired Ethernet connection.
The old model is also limited in the range of online services it supports. There is no Chromecast, and it won’t get the Qobuz update that is coming to the QB2. The small buffer means that it is more prone to dropouts on internet streaming services, especially Tidal. That is not to say that it doesn’t work well for many people, but best to be aware of these shortcomings when making your decision.


Surely the answer to whether it is worth buying depends on the price? At £70 I imagine absolutely certainly, whereas at £700 I imagine not…

£350 for the Qb1

Considering that new the Mk1 appears to be typically £300 more, and on fleabay there are secondhand not reconditioned ones more that that, then if it does what you want and sounds worth £350 to you, it probably is worth you buying.

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