Are Spendor A7 rear port noisy too the back?

I did some research on the forum but did not found the answer.

I’m slowly starting to look for new speakers as a nice Superuniti just landed here.

Any of you know if rear port speaker like the Spendor A7 will send waves to the back, that could disturb the neighbors on the other side of the wall? I never had speakers with “venting” port.

The wall is made of concrete blocks but not so thick. If somebody is yelling on the other side I will easily know it, if it can give an idea of the sound isolation level.

Right now I listen to P3ESR and I have no problem with the neighbors. (These will go for the second system). I usually don’t play loud for more then one two songs, after it’s low to medium volume.

There are nice A7 second hand at good price who could be very interesting.
I’ll be able to place them at the recommended distance from the wall (± 25cm).


No, that shouldn’t be an issue. But do make sure there’s space for air to flow freely behind the port. Rule of thumb is diameter of the port away from the nearest boundary.

I had the A7 and they do produce quite a lot of bass down to 32hz via the rear Venturi port. In your case any speaker producing a lot of bass are potentially an issue with regard to structural sound transmission. Might be best to do a few tests if you are on good terms with your neighbours. If there is an issue then a sealed box speaker like your existing will cause the least problems

I agree with n-lot, not a problem.
The actual volume coming from the port is both low (compared to the bass unit cone) and it’s only across a narrow band peaking at the port resonance point.

Ok, thanks!
But yes I also have concerns about the 32hz…
I just wanted to make sure the port was not an aiming canon to the back wall.

I was planning to move the system down to the basement, but after what I saw last weekend with my 2 teenagers, well I guess I better wait a little if I don’t want to get high stress insomnia. :wink:

Patience I must have…
Thanks again for your help!

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