ARIES CERAT integrated listening


I heard yesterday, at a Parisian dealer place, 3 different integrated :
Grandinote Shinai.
Grandinote Sumeo
Aries CERAT Diana.

The System : Eera dac ( 11k), Antipodes recent 2 boxes streamer and server, Verdier la Platine ( not connected this time), Nodal powerblock, Ppff speakers ( 38k).
The room: 35 m2, non treated.

I first listened to Grandinote Shinai , then Aries CERAT, then Grandinote Sumeo, and finally Aries C again.
The Grandinote sounded very nice, natural, open, well detailed. But i felt the timing a very little bit slow, which surprised the dealer. However I explained him that i am used to Naim prat.
He responded me that Naim is colored. I laughed and said him that all electronics are colored. Maybe not Solution for example, but the sound is too clinical and boring.
He agreed.

Then he connected Aries Cerat Diana integrated. It’s a BEAST: 116 kg. 23k. 630X 360X 530 mn. It stood on a big wood platform on the floor.
It was a whouah moment for me. Even if Grandinote reminds a bit tubes sound, and is presented as tubes / solid state sounding gear, the Aries was oh so much realistic. More natural by a big step. The voices , drums, saxophone…sounded so true and real, it was magical.
The big surprise was the wonderful Prat and full dynamics, crisp bass, even if Naim can do a bit better ( at minimum 252/300 level).
The sound was majestic, assured, surfooted, crisp, and delicate in the meantime, so clear and organic too. TUBES sound at its best!

Then we heard Grandinote Sumeo ( 18k). A bit better vs the Shinai. However, at that moment, I couldn’t forget the Aries Cerat. Definitely in another league.
A great listening ! Maybe one day I will be able to afford the little brother of the Diana, the Genius.


Wish I had been with you.

By the way, I feel for you and your country with the current awful events over the last month.


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Hope you didn’t get stuck in the traffic on the way home.

The speakers at the show : Ppfff Van. 38k euros. 95 db.

Trains, metro worked flawlessly. Thanks. With a car it would have been a nightmare.

And the powerblock used: Nodal audio. A beast too.


Beautiful. Much better than these veneered loudspeakers. I’m thinking to have my ovators repainted in tomato red.

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