Article 13 of EU Copyright Directive

The guys who run the Leica forum (as well as plenty of other German based international forums) seem to be quite troubled by the prospect of Article 13 being passed by the EU parliament. To the extent that they are striking, etc. They feel that such piece of legislation would have a negative effect on them. Does it affect this forum?

There’s a good article on Wired about this very subject, here:

I suspect A13 wouldn’t affect this forum for the reasons stated in the article.

However the wider point is that, as with so much law emanating from the EU, A13 (and A11 and 12 for that matter) might be well-intentioned but it is not fit for purpose in 2019, is ill-thought out and there are few mechanisms to enforce it, except by the bluntest of means.

In addition, the directives have been created after extensive lobbying by big media companies (that is so EU). There is little consideration of either small producers or fair use (such as on forums like this); nor how the rules will be enforced. I suspect that if they are enforced, it will be inconsistently.

Google, Facebook, YouTube and the rest must share the profits they make from content with the content creators or owners, but I’m not sure that this directive is the way to go about it.


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