Artist images in Naim app

I noticed a post which had images against each artist, like this:

How do I achieve this with my UnitiServe server and Synology NAS?

My Naim app shows ‘skeletons’ like this:

Thanks to anyone who can help!

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Not sure but mine has the photos, however I have noticed that sometimes they are missing.

Hopefully when they wake up in the UK someone should have an answer.

My App, connected with the Superuniti, shows all artwork as saved on the Unitiserve.

. Can you check whether artwork is properly saved with the rips? With the Desktop Client?

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Not sure how you achieve this with the Unitiserve or Core, but other upnp server software like Minimserver or Asset allow you to save custom images to a specified place on the server / NAS. I certainly do this with Minim on my Melco.

Thanks, Gavin! How do you achieve this with Minim server, it might give me some ideas to experiment with.

Hi segelmatt, your screenshot is the album view. Does your artist view also have images?
Here’s the URL of the page from the user guide. Pretty straightforward.
As well as images for Artists, you can add custom images for the various browsing options too.

Hi Shameil, now I do understand. The answer is no, the Artists view is not showing anything.

But then, how should it? If I have multiple CDs ripperd per artist, which image is the app supposed to show?

Try putting an image file called Barbra Streisand.jpg in that folder. The file name will need to match the artist name. (I have no idea whether this works for the Naim servers.)

This isn’t how it works for the Naim IOS app choosing artist images. Looking at my artists view, it seems to choose one album cover unless it has an actual artist picture. It’s a bit of a guess, but I think those artist pictures are probably coming from the Rovi database, which I believe doesn’t provide album information (other than metadata) to the android app.

all my folders have the a;bum art saved as a jpg and called folder. That keeps the album art for each album however there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to what the naim app decides to show for the artist folder.

Just to clarify, I am using Naim app on an iPad Mini.

The Unitiserve allows to change properties, including album art, for each single album and track, but not folder properties.
It would be interesting to add a “folder.jpg” to a folder using Windows Explorer (or the equivalent in the Apple world) and see what happens.

Edit: I tried and it did not work.

Yes, that is one of things that I tried before my original post. I also tried adding an image with the exact name of the folder (i.e. the artist’s name) as suggested by Gavin, but that didn’t work either.

Gavin, many thanks for this suggestion. Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

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