Asset Browse Tree Configuration Questions

I’ve been using Asset for a few months now and would like to configure the browse tree but struggling to understand the basics from within Asset UPnP Configuration settings.

Could someone ie @Mike-B, provide a simple sep by step guide using a couple of examples:
Firstly, I would like to bring ‘Album by Release’ up to the top level (at the moment default is via ‘Additional’ then ‘Album by Release’).
Secondly, would like to simplify the top level ie move down a level ‘TuneIn Internet’ which I never use.

I have looked at all the usual online places including dbpoweramp forums etc but am struggling with the basics.

Any help appreciated.


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… err I’m no expert on Asset Paul, I’ve only just started to use it.
I have mine set pretty much as I like it, and I like it very simple/basic.
I could fiddle around & find how to change your set up, but I would hope a real expert can pop up & tell us both.
My config is - by Album Artist / Album (that shows just the artists albums only). by Album (album name) by Composer (name) & finally by File Folder (the Synology File Station view).

The rest is surplus to my requirements & once I’m satisfied I have it as I like it I intend to somehow remove some of the other browsing choices to simplify how it looks on the app screen.

I would also like to find a way to reduce the icon size that shows on the app, I would like to have the A-Z size much smaller so it all fits on one screen view; like I say, I too am looking for an expert(s).

OK Mike thanks. But for example what did you do to get Album Artist/Album out of ‘Additional’ up to the top level?

The Asset default on the top line is Artist, touch that window & that gives a popup list to select what you want.

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Ok thanks Mike. I’m out at the moment so will have a go later on.

Dim question…
How do I update Asset on my QNAP NAS? I can’t see an obvious update option. Do I need to remove it and re-install?

I assume you want to update to 6.2 ??
Go to Illustrate & download version 6.2 to your 'pooter - you will probably need to go through the required check of your original order (your e-mail address finds that)
Then working with the QNAP GUI install the new software over the old.

And not through the QNAP App Center?

I don’t know QNAP.

It was as easy as you suggested. Download the file to the PC. Install it manually as per the new install instructions, and it installs it over the top of the old

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Instructions are on the Asset website for QNAP updates. Make sure you save a copy of the browse tree config of your current install as you will need that to update your new install once done.

I went from 6 to 6.2 and it’s retained my settings (although I did retain a screenshot!).

I can only hope Bubbleupnp is as easy to install!

Let me know … if it is!

It was! Download the bubble .qpkg file from their website, then use the manual install route through the QNAP app manager (just like for Asset). You might need to install Java too (it’ll prompt you to search for JRE) - that’s simple too.

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