Asset/Naim app listing issue

I have a new Synology NAS, where, for the first time I have installed Asset (and taking the time to re-rip my CD collection). The one issue I seem to have is when listing ‘Albums’ on the Naim app, for any compilation albums I get multiple entries of the same album for each artist on the album. There may be a very rudimentary mistake I am making either on DB poweramp, Asset or the Naim app. Any help/pointers would be much appreciated
Thanks in advance

Try setting the album artist to ‘Various artists’ on all tracks.

I have same setup Synology DS220 with Asset.

Just checked some albums which are compilations and display properly in the Naim app (and other Android apps like HI-FI Cast).

The Album Artist is BLANK, but the extended tags have COMPILATION=1 set. Each track has the correct ARTIST tag for that individual track. That is by far the most common setup I see and it displays fine. I’ve got a limited number where the ALBUM ARTIST tag has been set to Various Artists - I don’t think DBPowerAmp does this, those must have been ripped some other way.

It’s really good to have the MP3Tag tool for Windows installed - you can check the tags and amend quickly. I’ve found DBPowerAmp doesn’t always set the COMPILATION, DISCNUMBER or DISCTOTAL flags correctly on all multi-disc CD rips either, but it’s easy to fix with MP3TAG.

The following Asset settigns would also be in play:
[artist] - [title] for Various Artist album tracks = YES
Fill missing Album Artist tags from Artist or Compilation tags = YES

The second setting suggests that Asset will use the COMPILATION=1 tag on rips and auto generate the “Various Artists” as ALBUM ARTIST for a compilation, so maybe check that first.

Got the same issue. Logitech Media Server displays all the “various” albums fine whereas Asset is showing each individual artist under the artists section. Ive got the two Asset tags as mentioned above. Im using a chromebook though so usually use foobar to edit my tags, there isnt one about Compilation=1 on that though.

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