Asset UPNP external setup


Trying to connect my Qnap server (Asset) to see external folders on my WD NAS. No luck so far.
Can someone tell me what has to be done please?


Asset is only UPnP software, I suspect it’s more of a QNAP question, how to connect & use the WD data content with the QNAP.

My question is why bother to do this, why not just copy or drag/drop the files over to the QNAP.

The Qnap server is the D1, single disk, 3TB.

I have two WD 4 bays NAS servers. 12 TB each

No didn’t know. Will check it out, thanks.

Seems like a surplus of HDD, i would rationalise.
How many albums do you have?
Why 4 bay WD’s and why x2
Can you install all the music on the QNAP, get a bigger HDD if needed, then use one WD as backup.

Hard to believe but some people have files that are not music :slight_smile:


Sounds like it’s ‘just’ an issue of how to add the correct path to those files in the Asset configuration.

Open Asset UPnP in a browser. Select Folders and add your NAS drive music folder (s)


Did it several times, doesn’t seem to work…

No, how it works?

It will not erase WD disks?

Try this

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