Asset UPnP for Synology Released

Illustrate have released Asset UPnP for Synology.
I’ve been testing the beta releases for a few months & can highly recommend it.

I understand it has been accepted by Synology to be included in their package in due course.


Thanks for the heads up. I realise you may not be as familiar with minimserver, but as it’s quite popular in Synology land, do you have any quick pointers as to the differences?

I did use Minim with my Synology & found them very similar in operation, once installed & set up.
However I found Asset much easier to set up, its simple one package install & unlike Minim, does not require additions such as Java or MinimWatch. The only addition is an IP Address link to enable a Configuration GUI on your computer(s)
The various configuration settings although different are much the same between the brands, I do find the Asset easier, but with both its all a matter of understanding & familiarity.

Good news! Asset (on QNAP) was my first choice prior to moving to Roon, but I do have a Synology nas that serves as a music backup. I’ll get Asset on it when available.

Hi Bart, its available from Illustrate now.

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I’ve used both Asset and Mimimserver. Much prefer Asset.

Great news, installing now. I agree that it is much easier to get your head round than Minimserver, especially transcoding to wav.

I hope internet radio can get BBC high quality streams like Minimserver, initial work done by Simon on this when BBC changed was first class and way ahead of the field. May just have to run both.

The released version is working well, as it should & as did most all the previous beta’s.

How about all Asset users, QNAP as well as Synology, adding tips & hints on configuration settings & things you have found that make it easier/nicer to use.

I haven’t changed anything from the standard Asset configuration, although I tried it all when I was running beta’s, but found they either didn’t do anything for my system or did not suit my preferences. So what do you guys do ??

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Transcode to Wav. Otherwise standard.
Unfortunately can’t try premium features as limited to trial status as no facility yet for registering and paying for full version.

It’s available on Illustrate/dBpoweramp/Asset www. £23+VAT

Thank you. Paid and installed. I didn’t see it as it was off the page (far right)

I added Album Artist / Album to the top of the browse tree (and moved Artist / Album to the bottom). That’s how I prefer to browse to find my albums.


One real plus for Asset is the ability to set up multiple “instances” for different libraries. For example if you wanted to keep your Rock and Classical libraries separate to allow for different bfowsing modes e.g for composer/orchestra etc. categories as opposed to artist/album artist etc.

Can you post a screen print of the browse tree with that ---- just to be sure for an Asset newbee

GOOD TIP … Thanks

Asset has an option to display copy and paste and edit the browse tree in text format at the bottom of the config page so you can copy to a text file for backup or even sharing it here.

I have used Asset now 6.1 on my QNAP for a few years, easy to use also set up QNAP Qfinder Pro you can control NAS from that, again very easy to do

I only use my NAS for music, so I turn every else off on QNAP, no sure it improves the quality of music but don’t use music or download station

Asset control is easy and straight forward to use, I have set mine up to play FLAC files as WAV
download the uprgades on NAS every couple of weeks, and re start NAS - never had an issue with Asset

+1 for Asset UPnP, I have been using it for a couple of years from my Mac Mini. Great that it is now on Synology too.

Hi Mike
Here’s a snip of the Browse Tree edit function from the Configuration screen.

I’m going to have a go at changing it slightly. As it stands this presents the albums in a-z order under the album artist. I’d prefer to have them ordered by year first (although I don’t suppose my metadata is anything like complete for this).

Is this what you were after? Or did you want a snip from the app view?

Thanks Gavin, i’ll have an experiement later
This is how I’ve reset mine.

Can’t see anyway to order the albums under album artist by year. Will see about asking on the Asset forum.