Asset UPnP isn't showing in menu bar-can't access

Asset UPnP no longer shows up in my menu bar so I can’t access it to redirect to my external hard drive library. Any other UPnps out there that work with Apple computers?

Try minimserver.

I suggest you ask the question on the dBpoweramp forum, the Asset owner/designer will be the best person to solve your problem.

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Hi @NoNickname, welcome to the forum. MinimServer is very good, but setting it up is arguably less straightforward than Asset; there’s certainly a learning curve to be negotiated. I would suggest concentrating on getting Asset available in the app again.

Posting on the Asset forum is a very good idea, but if you want help here it would be sensible to give more details about your setup. Are you using a NAS? If so, what make is it and are you running Asset on it? Some details of your system might be useful, too.

Hope you resolve your issue soon.