Asset UPnP/Naim App Question

Suddenly noticed something strange going on with Asset UPnP when used with the Naim App. I’m suddenly seeing Artists appear under the first name and the surname. e.g. Chet Baker now appears under both ‘C’ and ‘B’ and Curtis Mayfield appears under ‘C’ and ‘M’ I’ve never noticed this before but the weird thing is that it doesn’t apply to all artists. e.g. Bill Evans only appears under ‘B’.

I’ve tried ‘refreshing all’ in AssetUPnP

Any thoughts on what can be causing this inconsistency?

Many thanks

With the right Metadata it’s always done that. It’s ess calories scrolling too. :grinning:

Hi…did you read my whole post? My question was why doesn’t it apply to all artists?

Sorry if i misunderstood your answer but I’m wondering why it doesn’t apply to all artists? Some can only be found under their first name and some can only be found under their surname, some can be found under both?

Is there a way to solve this?

Yes. If you’ve filled in both Artist and Album Artist it should appear in both first name and last name groups. I’ve not used Asset for a while now so if that doesn’t work others may be able to help.
Or you could ask on dBPoweramp forum.

Some changes seem to need a full restart rather than a refresh.

In my case, in Asset all artists appear once, but in a small number of cases (>9 found so far) they appear with the surname first. E.g. Kate Bush is under B

I’ve had this before, and I think it relates to a sort order field, which may (or may not) be in the metadata. Here is an example in iTunes

As you can see, there is a sort as field that on most of my tracks is empty

If I look at the same track in MP3tag, it shows as

What I dont know, is whether this Sort As field is part of the metadata or not. it certainly doesn’t show up in MP3Tag, but then again there are lots of tags that are missing from MP3Tag

If your artists appears twice, might they have different tracks under each?

Just done some more digging. In MP3tag, there is an Extentred Flags option under View. E.g.

As you can see, there are two sort options. I selected each one, and then clicked on the minus sign below, saved, and now they sort correctly in iTunes. Will now fix the others and upload to Asset

I use both Artist and Album Artist and all albums appear just the once. Heaven knows which option I’ve chosen but I’m more than happy just having one instance in the sorting.


I mostly only use album artist and haven’t noticed any duplication. I’ll have to take a closer look next time I’m in the app.

Mine now all fixed, after removing them in MP3tag. Thankfully you can highlight a load, then select Extended Tags, then remove the SORT fields. Asset just needed a rescan of changes

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