Asset uPnP Playlist stops after each song

Hi, i have an Asset UPNP server on my Synology. I cn access the playlist at the naim focal app. But playback stops after each song. Maybe someone here has a solution for this?


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Are the playlists held in the Asset folders?
How are you creating the playlists?

Do you have a PC?
If so, you could easily install AssetUPnP as a test system on the PC and copy your playlists and relevant tracks.
If this works OK (as do all my Asset-based playlists) it suggests the Synology installation is the issue.

You might also check the Asset forum for any reported issues.

Try selecting play when you have the playlists listed, before you go into the playlist (and show the individual tracks). This isn’t very clearly explained - sorry.
I have a feeling my Minim playlists do this.

Yes, the playlists are installed in Asset. I create the plylists with mediamonkey. I can access the playlist with the naim app and also with mediamonkey. With mediamonkey there is no stop in playing.

That’s it . If I go to the playlist and select play using the three dots, the list no longer stops. But if I then select a title again within the playlist, playback stops again. Can this perhaps be changed somewhere?
I’m very sure it’s not the server’s fault, as Mediamonkey behaves as expected.

I think that is your answer.
Play the playlist.
If you select a track you are asking to play the track only.
My Linn Kazoo or Linn App does the same.

It is the same if you play an album or play a track on an album (it stops after the selected track).

Do not think it can be changed - and many would not want to. (even though MediaMonkey works differently).

ok, the behavior with Qobuz playlists is different. I can select a song and at the end the playback jumps to the next song. So the operation is not uniform.

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