Asset UPnP R6.4 Release

Asset UPnP R6.4 has been released
If you have already got a full (paid) version, go to the registration retrieval screen, find your number (enter your e-mail) then click on your registration number & it downloads to your 'pooter ready to install.
It keeps all your config settings

If you have a trail version, un-install first


Thanks for the heads-up Mike. R6.4 installed and running (& didn’t seem to need reg number on my QNAP.)


Thanks for the heads-up Mike-B.

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@Mike-B I updated to Asset 6.4 successfully,thanks for your help. I noticed that Album Artist/Album and Album by Artist are now under Additional so you have to navigate to Additional first then to Album Artist/Album or Album by Artist. Is there a way to get them on the main screen? I know that @anon4489532 uses QNAP as well and might know.

Hi again, I have not found anything changed in my config settings.
That said from the start of my time with Asset for Synology I have changed from the Asset ‘default’ browse tree config & have removed a number, including Additional.

This is a picture of my app browse screen & the browse tree setup I have.

Well I just upgraded to 6.4 after sitting tight with 6.2 while the bugs get worked out. No noticeable issues thus far.

I’’d recommend everybody to first check whether your NAS supports the new version. When I installed the previous 6.3 on my QNAP it didn’t work and had to go back to 6.1

The problem in R6.3 with older QNAPs has been fixed, it’s specifically mentioned in the beta notes

Ah, didn’t know. That is wonderful news. Thank you Mike !

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