Asset UPnP R6.5 Released

Asset UPnP R6.5 has been released
If you have already got a registered (paid) version, go to the registration retrieval screen, enter your registration number & it downloads to your 'pooter ready to install. If you’ve lost your reg number there is a look-up link using your e-mail address.
Install over the top of your old version & it keeps all your config settings

If you have a trail version, you need to un-install that first

I’ve been beta testing it thru the stages, bottom line is it works.


Do you know what it does better than the previous version?

Hi Nigel, going from R6.4 to R6.5 is just an update, its much the same on the front end, the improvements are in the programming.
Its just a 5 minute download & install over R6.4, nothing changes & its up to date.

The dBp list of changes include:
Improved reading of malformed ID3v2 tags.
Internet radio bug fixes.
Made ID3v2 TIT1 always read as ‘Style’ in all file formats using ID3v2 tags (full rescan required to take effect).
Improved scanning of very large libraries - resumes where it left if interrupted, rather than starting over.

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Thanks, @Mike-B.

Thanks Mike. I can understand improvement 3 at least. I’ll try to remember to update tomorrow.


Thanks Mike.

Thanks Mike.

Anyone else having issues with this update on Mac?
Restarted (computer and Asset), rescanned, etc. and yet it’s failing to find album content at times, finding only certain songs at others, etc.

I may have solved this by deleting and re-adding the folder path. Checking things now but it looks okay… fingers crossed.

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