Asset UPnP R7.1 Released

FYI - Asset have released R7.1 for QNAP, Synology, OSX & Linux,

It has a number of improvements over R7
Most useful is it now compatible with all common art formats.
(see the Asset forum for all the details)

Also there is now a Universal Asset platform option that allows installation on 5 platforms.
Existing single platform users can upgrade to this with a special offer price.


What am I doing wrong? On the Asset forum I only find a discussion about the 7.1 Beta and on the product download pages is only 7.0. Thanks

The forum is a bit of a mess at the moment, so I’m not surprised what you can/can’t find.
Go to the ‘Buy’ products screen, go down to the very bottom & into ‘Registration Retrieval’
Open your Asset order number & that gives you R7.1

Thank you very much :+1:

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I’m still on 6.6. Have the earlier problems of upgrading to v7 been sorted? Are there any safety measures I need to take? What does 7.1 bring over 6.6?

Yes all sorted with the QNAP loading issue
It loads straight over the top, but as I’m always cautious with any software, I keep a Word.doc copy of my preferences of the ‘plain text’ Browse Tree config. just in case.
What does it bring ?? Nothing thats that obvious, screens are the same, its faster, 100 or more changes/improvements but mostly background, the GUI screen is all different so be ready for that, it now plays .pnp & other art formats in addition to .jpg.

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Upgrade to 7.1 succesful, but not without ‘wobbles’. I did need to re-copy over the browse tree - thanks for the suggestion to copy it. The display did also get stuck at Updating…1% (which was rather worrying) but the notifications showed that it had finished.

So you’re all set … the need for a browse tree copy is not normally required, but like a NAS backup, its just insurance & in hope you’ll never need it
I’m working with R7.2 beta at the moment, so more to come in a few weeks.

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