Asset UPnP strange one... mixed file types

Been using Asset for years now and it’s been brilliant. Never an issue, other than an update reset all my settings :frowning:

Anyway a strange one this one.

Album with c. 30 tracks. All are flac except one wav.

Under Artist/Album the ALL 30 tracks are shown… I mean all the flacs and the one wav.

Under AlbumArtist/Album only the flacs are shown.

I have set ALL tracks so that the Artist/Album/AlbumArtist are the same but it refuses to see the WAV track under AlbumArtis/Album.

Any suggestions please? Not a biggy but a strange one that’s had me changing and tweeking things for a couple of hours with no fix.

Actually one of the flacs IS the wav converted but with a different Title. So the album has the flac version and the wav version (different name for each track).

I suspect the problem is in metadata.
Check that the WV track has all the same tag fields filled as does the FLAC, Album Artist & such like & also the WAV track has the correct track number entry.

Yes… same Album etc… different title and track number.I even block selected ALL the tracks in this album and set the properties for Album etc… all the same. I use mediemonkey and it agrees same album/artist/albumartist. If I look under Albumartist/Album on mediamonkey then all the tracks are correctly listed.

OK, a posted my suggestion as I had a same/similar a week ago & using Mp3Tag I found & corrected a metadata problem. I suggest you post the question on the Asset (Illustrate) forum. Spoon is very good & quick on queries

Now that’s even stranger! I converted one of the flac tracks to wav. Then refreshed Asset and guess what!! The track is no longer listed under Albumartist/Album but IS under Artist/Album or even plain Album. I t really looks like Asset doesn’t like mixed file types.

I posted to the Asset forum an hour ago but I thought I’d post here in case anyone has heard of such a thing.

Actually spoon has posted! and said basically the same thing… Albumartist must be wrong in the wav file. However this can’t be right because I’ve just converted one of the flacs and that is also now not visible.

I might try ALL the files to wav and see what happens.

PS I have a backup :slight_smile:

Update… converted half the flacs to wavs and the wavs don’t show…

This is all getting too much for me… time for some tea and then a scotch I think :wink:

I’m curious as to how and why you come to have an album with mixed formats. Would you not, in any case, want them all to be the same (presumably FLAC) format?

Yes normally true but I was playing around seeing if they stayed the same as a wav or flac.

More playing and I think (THINK) it’s 24 bit wav… not 100% sure but I converted some of the flacs to 24 bit wav and asset was going very strange e.g. TWO copies of the album showing up!

Just converted the whole lot to 44K/16 bit wav and all are shown fine and back to a single album…

What are you using to do the conversion?

mediamonkey4 pro

Changed all the files to wav 48K/24bit and they disappeared. Changed to 44K/16bit and they’re there.

Okay… these are test sweeps produced by REW. They are created as WAVs. As WAVs Asset will NOT see these files and, further, it confuses the heck out of asset! e.g. it makes TWO copies of the album appear in New Albums… Convert it to flac and asset can now see the file but if you leave the wav there then asset is still making strange mistakes e.g. it says there are two copies of the album under New Albums but only one copy under AlbumArtist/Albums. Even converting the flac back to wav and asset still can’t cope e.g. still two copies under New Albums. Completely remove the WAV, so only the flac version, and it’s all okay. Correct New Albums and AlbumArtist/Albums etc… all correct.

Some how this wav file was completely mucking up how asset was handling the album… tracks missing, albums wrongly sorted etc… I tried removing all tags from the wav and retagging and that didn’t work either. So the fix is leave it as a flac!

Closing remarks:

It’s definitely REW doing something strange with the AlbumArtist and Artist tag. I created a new album called REW, artist REW, albumartist REW.

As the native file WAV, asset can see it under new albums or plain albums but not under Artist or AlbumArtist. Even removing all tags and redoing them doesn’t fix it. Strange one indeed.

Closing remarks two…

Used mp3tag to look at the file at the albumartist was missing… mm4 said it was there… don’t know. Anyway used mp3tag to re-write all the tags and now sorted

It can be very confusing but there are actually 2 id3 metadata tags for Album Artist i.e. ALBUMARTIST (all one word) and ALBUM ARTIST. I’m not entirely sure which one Asset/Naim app uses so I make sure all my albums have both completed.

as you say… That’s confusing then!

I search the Illustrate (Asset) forum about what they use & found the following answer posted by Spoon
There is no standard in FLAC, so certain players read only with space, others without. dBpoweramp can read both and write both. Asset UPnP will read both ways.
I always check & if needed add Album Artist

Thanks for that info Mike. I know that the naim app will display whichever version that Asset serves to it. I have set mp3tag to automatically complete both tags in the Action groups I use so will continue to do this just in case I ever need to change UPnP software.

Yes… using mp3tag to rewrite the tags and all the files are recognised correctly.

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