AssetUPnP ver 7

I have a strange thing going on and I’m not sure if it’s the new Asset doing it…

It’s multi-disc albums… I have the track numbers on my multi disc albums tagged as disc-track

So track 5 on disc 2 is tagged as track 205 and disc 2… you follow?

The problem is instead of my control app (Bubble) showing the title as 205… it lists it as 305…

And, if this was track 5 disc 3 then it shows it as 505… It’s like the disc number is being added to the track number e.g.

I can confirm that multi-disc handling is off on my Asset setup…


So the track number should be displayed as the track number actually written into the tag. Please can anyone tell me is this asset playing with this and, if so, how do I stop it? What I want is the displayed track number to be exactly what it is in the tag and not adjusted by the disc number.



That seems a slightly odd way to tag them, but maybe it’s my way that’s odd. For a 2 disc album, track 1 disc 2 is tagged like this.

The files are named as follows.

Asset is set like this.

It shows in the Naim app as two separate discs.

Disc 2 looks like this.

I’ve seen this on some of the downloaded tracks I’ve bought. The complete Frank Black set was like this. Have a look at your metadata - the track tag is probably in this format and the app is simply reading it.

I don’t have an answer, I handle my multi disc’s differently & have not seen your problem.
However I advise you post the problem on the dBp forum, more Asset users, plus Spoon & PeterP who will probably know the problem or maybe even want to know if its a programming defect.

Sorted… a reboot of Asset (complete shutdown) and restart and refresh (which took ages!) sorted it. ISTR some time ago I was playing with some of the multi-disc options but this was a few weeks ago. Looks like it needed a full refresh to revert back to ‘normal’.

Interestingly the full restart also fixed another issue where I had a three disc album and it insisted that two discs were a different album than the 3rd disc. I checked artist/albumartist/album tags with mp3tag and they were the same for all three discs but Asset insisted it was two different albums (with the same name). The restart has sorted this as well - now correctly showing as a single 3 disc album.

Sorry to have caused unnecessary chatter…

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I noticed that a full rescan takes much longer in ver 7 than ver 6. It’s a new database format if I understand the new version changes correctly.

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