Assistance Request - Tickets to Sold Out Show

My wife and I are really wanting to come to London in May to take in the nice weather and one of the Mark Knopfler shows at The Royal Albert. (There are 2 shows, on 21 and 22 May.)

We’re looking for really good seats – and the ticket brokers I’m finding (including Stub Hub which we use a lot here in the States) don’t have anything in the front floor sections.

Can anyone recommend a ticket broker that might hook us up? Happy to take the discussion to email.

Bart, if you’re staying at a hotel you could ask the concierge whether they can help out - managing to conjure up the best seats at shows and concerts is their forte.

Anyway, I wish you all the best. Even if you cannot get seats in the front floor section then do consider seats up front but in the stalls. Only thing to avoid in RAH is anything too far back from the stage where you will be caught in the notorious echo.

I’ve been to see MK play twice at the RAH in recent years - the Privateering tour and the Tracker tour - and both concerts were excellent, and both times we were just above the stage in the stalls.

I’ve seen the good and the great including Mark Knopfler a couple of times at the Royal Albert Hall and noting Richard’s comment (which I haven’t experienced myself) there really isn’t a bad seat in the house. Even if you’re desperate right up in the gods where I saw Elvis Costello was OK.

You might find there are some seats left in the boxes, but at this late stage I think you’ll going to have to pay through the nose for tickets but worth it as MK and his excellent band are well worth seeing especially at such a great venue.

Were there any seats on the floor stalls in the first place or was it standing?

There are some front (including the front-most) stall seats available, almost to the side of the stage. How are those seats?

Neither of us have been to the Royal Albert, and we’ve wanted to pick out a GOOD show to see there. Clapton is there earlier in May, but we’ve seen him together. My wife’s never seek MK, so that’s how we picked out this show :slight_smile:

He’ll be at the O2 a few days later, but we’ve been there and of course it’s a less compelling venue.

The RAH is a real treat as a venue and as mentioned you won’t find a bad seat in the house.

The O2 on the otherhand is not a great venue at all.

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