At wits end - new QNAP nas won't stop hdd churning

QNAP apparently has no direct customer service – I can’t get through to them anyway.

Brand new TS-253D, brand new 2 x 4tb Seagate IronWolf hdd’s. It’s been a week since install, and the hdd’s churn CONSTANTLY. I’ve turned off every service I can, I think, to no avail. I installed and ran a little activity logger, but nothing jumped out at me. There is a qnap users forum, but no help there.

I’m afraid to just put ssd’s in it, as if they get pinged constantly they’ll just fail fast.

My older Synology nas happily goes to sleep and doesn’t do this; maybe I’ll format these new drives and put them in there and see if it happens there?

Not sure what to do, but this is bugging me :frowning:

Something wrong there. I assume nothing is being copied or backed up etc. QNAP provide quite quick responses on Facebook. Or at least htey used one I had one.

I’ll try there – no nothing going on!

What are your RAID settings? Nothing there either?

Raid 1 - happy to post screenshots :slight_smile:

If that is the case, the NAS could be copying everything to the mirror disk.

For an entire week 24/7??

That is somewhat unlikely :scream:

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Hi Bart. Have you set it to go to sleep? Presumably you did this in the previous one, otherwise it wouldn’t have done it.

The disks are supposed to go into ‘standby mode’ after inactivity, but that never happens. I could set it to totally power down on a schedule, but that doesn’t fix the constant disk churn.

Just guessing here Bart but I wonder whether it’s anything to do with setting it up as “thin volume” and associated settings rather that a static volume with RAID? Also I assume this churning still occurs if you disconnect the network (I know it’s unlikely to be network traffic but very strange)

I suppose you have checked both volumes have the same number of files and space occupied… just to rule out the mirroring…

I can’t think of any other reason for this. You haven’t installed Roon, have you?

Check your router logs - is something external to your LAN constantly trying your NAS IP address ? If so is it always the same port number ? If so then set up a rule on the router to block that port/ports inbound and outbound.

I had something similar a couple of years ago and found it was something trying to access one of the background apps on the QNAP - I googled it and found it wasn’t necessary for the operation of the devices so blocked it. The disks powered down 20 minutes later :grin:

I could be barking up the wrong tree, but worth checking.

It might be this - enable disk standby. This is a rather manky screenshot but it shows how to get there. Let me know if it works.


Why use RAID.

The purpose of RAID is to increase the read/write speed of a server.

You don’t need that much speed to stream music, even hidef.

Try de-activeating the media library.

I seem to recall my qnap spent days trying populate my library. :grinning:

My Terramaster does the same. Set to sleep. Never does - always active. Always reports all is running well. No idea what it is up to.

That’s been enabled all along now with a 5-minute timer; they never go into standby

That I dont know how to do, but after a week yes I’d expect the 2 drives to be fully mirrored.