Atc 100 active with 552 wich cable?

I bought atc scm 100 aslt . I’ll use with my naim 552
wich cable do you use with atc active and naim 552 power supply : xls with din naim ? or other brands ?
thanks for your response

You need a DIN to XLR, although it will not be true balanced. Chord Co. can build such a cable with their various cable lines.


I use active 40’s with my 552 (tried 50’s but they over powered my room)

At your level have a chat with a dealer - mine said the standard blue cable was more than good enough.

Same. ATC ade up a cable for me with my 282,now 252

thanks for your response and effectively it’s a cable with din xlr din by atc

Hi-Fi Critic’s comments when reviewing the 50ASLs may be of (wallet emptying!) interest…

From magazine Vol 13 / No 3

and a superluminal din 4 xlr it will be interesting but the price ;;;;;;

Just remember Naim XLR single ended is not the same as Balanced XLR.

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