ATC 40 or nap 300dr

Hi, could anyone give me there advice plz,iam currently running a Linn akurate DSM , using the preamp into a nap 250dr and my speakers ars ATC 19 v2.what would be the next best upgrade,do I go up to nap 300dr or keep 250 Dr and change speakers to ATC 40 V2 ,your advice would be appreciated thanks acetone.

I believe some on here have put the Akurate DSM straight into a pair of active ATC 40’s with great effect. I haven’t heard myself but would be really interested in doing so

Yes indeed. I don’t have a Linn, but I do run active ATC SCM 40s and they are wonderful speakers and even at nearly £7k something of a bargain. A couple of years ago when I was at my dealers a team from ATC was there (the dealers had just started stocking ATC) and the team agreed that the active 40s were a real sweet spot in the whole range. There’s at least one forum member who runs them with Linn Akurate DSM. To the OP, if you have any chance to do so, please audition them.


It depends on your room size. I demoed the passive and active 40s but they kicked out too much bass for my room.

I’ve used both 250DR and 300DR with the 19s and they sounded great with the 300DR. It’s worth arranging a home demo if you can.

I’d be a little concerned as to the compatibility of the 300 with the Akurate, which I imagine applies equally to the 250. The 40A is certainly appealing. If the bass is too much, then active 19s may be ideal. They are not very expensive and forgoing the 300 may enable an upgrade from ADSM to KDSM. The KDSM/19A should be rather good.

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I agree with HH. I went from a 250DR with the current passive ATC 19’s and part exchanged them for Active 40’s. Nearly 3 years on and I still love them. Fantastic speakers and far superior to my previous set up. The only speaker I would upgrade to would be the active 50’s if I had the room. My source is a Linn Klimax DS.

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It’s all good advice above , I also went from 250 DR with passive 19 to Active 40 and going Active from 250 is a big step even though I loved the previous set up . I now go direct into Active with my DAC / Pre Amp . It’s very neat , simple and sounds superb . If you want to stay passive then 252 / 300 would be lovely.

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But the Linn has Space Optimisation (I think) and the ATC40s (passive and active) are included in the list of speakers that have been measured by Linn. IIRC the forum member I referred to had bass boom problems but the SO on the Linn solved them. I do agree with home audition if possible, though.


Sure, the Linn Space Optimisation should help to tweak and solve any bass issues. When I ran active 40s unbalanced from my 552 it was a disaster in terms of poor SQ and bass boom.

Synergy with the system and room is absolutely key so home demo is essential.

I think that member was Patu ?? I think he had passive 40’s with a Supernait 2 for some time and was surprised with the increased Bass energy of the Actives . There was a thread running at the same time I was buying my pair so I remember quite well . The Linn optimisation sorted things for him but I seem to recall he did have his speakers very close to the rear wall .

You’re right about Patu, thanks for reminding me.

My SCM40As were initially installed (by dealer), firing across the room (just under 4x6m) and close to rear wall. Eventually, I decided to try a different arrangement as I thought the wall was occasionally over-emphasising the bass. Not easy to move such heavyweights, but they are now firing down the room, over a metre from rear wall and nearly a metre from side walls. Any suggestion of bass boom has now gone — wonderfully realistic speakers.



Thanks for your advice,I’ve spoken to audio images they have ATC 19a and 40a going to demo them after lock down and they said if I like them home demo is no problem.

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