ATC 50A Actives vs Kudos 808 or T88 speakers

Has anyone done a demo of the ATC 50A Actives vs Kudos 808 ( or the older T88) with a 300 or 500 amp or other amp of similar quality? What was your finding?

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I had a demo of the 50A and they had the most beautiful top end. So smooth and detailed, it was sublime. I ended up with the T808s though but active. More drive and engagement. Also the 808 are easier to place and more tolerant of boundaries. The ATC need a bit more space around them.
I would think a lot will come down to the type of music you listen to and ultimately what your ears prefer, but an in home demo is a must.

I went from Titan T88’s to ProAc K6 Signatures. The ProAc speaker is in another universe by comparison. Every aspect from the incredible bass to the magical ribbon tweeter is superior. I’d add the K Series to your list of speakers to demo.


Hi Chris are there any ProAc dealers here in the states,especially East coast. Sorry for thread detour

Chicago has a great ProAc dealer, Pro Musica. You’d have to contact the distributer for someone closer to you.

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Far out of my price (and space) range, but I would be looking at ATC’s SCM150ASLT and upwards if comparing them against the Kudos 808’s.

IF you like what the ATC’s bring, they become very good vfm…

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