ATC active and service?

I have been looking for information about the need to service the amp packs on ATC active speakers. (Like service for Naim power amplifiers. ) I can’t find much about this. Perhaps a question for ATC, but as some members here have active ATC, possibly they know, or have experience with this?

Is there a recommended time frame for service, and if so, how to go about it?


Mine are too new to worry about servicing, but there’s contact details on ATC’s website for their service department. I’d enquire that way … and perhaps let us know what you find out.

Servicing is done directly with ATC rather than through dealers (Naim-style).


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I would anticipate in excess of 20 years before anything is needed routinely, but indeed best ask ATC direct (and let us know!)

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There was I believe a thread about this issue on the pink underwater swimmers forum. There might be a helpful answer there. I seem to recall the servicing interval depended on how hard the speakers were driven and that in addition to the amp pack service the drive units would get a once over and any work needed done.


I will see what I can find out! Thanks for the responses.


Can’t think where I heard, so I would check with ATC service, but I recall a service interval around the same as Naim amps 10 to 12 years.

Interesting…… yeah I’m not going to be sending 2x 104kg ATC SCM 100ASLT speaker crates back to the ATC factory from Australia.

I don’t have a spare £1000 or whatever that insane shipping price will eventually be to ship them plus the ATC factory service fee.

I’m hoping there is an approved ATC service agent in Australia to have that done.

There’s different arrangements for non-UK customers I believe. There’s info on ATC’s website, but contact your region’s distributor is the nub of it.