ATC SCM 11 Positioning

I have seen the comments about positioning the SCM 7 in a closed thread that includes a few views of how close to the wall the SCM11 might be best. I realise all rooms are different but in my 18ft by 9.5ft room, speakers across the width, has anyone using these speakers any further advice about distance from a rear wall.
They are just under 6ft apart.

Move them until they sound the best it’s the only way to go, everyone’s room and listening position is different plus the kit used is, others can only offer recommendations that worked for them but may well not for you same for the manufacturers specs. They can be a good starting position but then even then as we all have different preferences it may not.

I have found for speakers you just have to do what’s right for your ears, room and system, and that means trying them out in all the positions you can. Change them and listen for a few days and see how it goes take note of what’s improved or got worse rinse and repeat until you find the overall best position then fine tune that with small adjustments to toe in angle etc.

It took me a long time to get my ProAc Tablette Signatures to sing just right for me and only one part of my positioning is what they recommended and that’s toe in, most users don’t toe them in much and have them much nearer the wall.

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I had mine in a 3.8 m x 4.5m room , firing across, set 180mm from rear of cab to the wall… toe in so I could just see the inside of the cabinet…

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