ATC SCM 11 V1 vs ProAC Response D2R for NAC-202/NAP-200 at low volume level?


Sorry if maybe the comparison of these 2 types of bookshelf loudspeakers is not comparable.
I want to use one of these 2 bookshelf speakers:

  • ATC SCM-11 V1
  • ProAC Response D2R
    because at this time I have an offer 2 speakers above.

If I combine it with the NAC-202/NAP-200 and I want to use it for a relatively small volume, namely at numbers below half past nine, or at a low volume level, which of the 2 speakers above is more suitable, in the sense that it is still capable of producing performance. top and bottom frequencies/bass are still complete/even?


I’ve only heard these speakers in different systems, and quite a few years apart, but I would guess the ported and fairly sensitive ProAcs would be a better choice here. The ATCs are great, but they like a bit more power up them and seem to perform better at higher volumes, which I guess is fairly typical of this type of sealed box monitor speaker.

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I’ve had both and kept Atc but the Proac breathes better a low vols and the midrange is very good… the port became obvious once things get a bit more lively in my room

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ProAc at low levels. The ATC driver likes a little energy to wake up.

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At low levels you mostly hear the treble and midrange without much bass, with ATC. With nap200 the bass may go missing…

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I currently use the Audio Pro Evidence E3 bookshelf speaker, a fairly large bookshelf speaker with a very natural sound character
I want to improve the sound quality of my Naim system from the point of view of speaker selection
is it a big leap from Audio Pro to ProAC Response D2R?

ProAc’s ribbon tweeter sets it apart in this comparison.

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I have never heard the Audio Pro Evidence E3 bookshelf speaker. I did own a pair of ProAc D2D speakers powered by a Nait XS 2 (70w) integrated amplifier and they sounded fantastic.

Over time I upgraded my system and eventually moved to a pair of ProAC D30RS Speakers.

If you can go to a dealer that carries the ProAC D2R speakers and listen to them with the NAC 200/NAP 200 configuration. Listening to folks on the forum is at best an opinion and only your ears can judge if they work for you.

ATC also makes fabulous speakers and have many fans on the forum. Are you still looking at the SCM 11’s?

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