ATC scm 7 positioning

Morning all,

I’ve got a pair of scm7 on demo at the moment in comparison to my evoke 10 and curious how people have them in their rooms and distance from back wall. I’ve put them on dynaudio stands currently 23cm from the wall (to rear of speaker) and appreciate they are brand new but the bottom octave is mostly absent. The Dyns are a bit to much so I was hoping these would work. The reviews I read said that they did fab bass for their size and whilst some is there and it’s fast and tuneful I would not mind a bit more (sub is not an option in the lounge) . I’m move them to about 10 cm later and see what gives but would appreciate what others sets ups are. Driven by Supernait 3 and nd5xs2. Should add my room is 3.5 x 4.0m

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If the speakers are new i would give them time to settle in. Being a sealed box design this may take more time than usual. Obviously all of the moving parts need to loosen up. Are you using NAC A5?

Witchhat phantom.

I have SCM 11 and have them 11cm from the wall, I tried 10cm but there was a slight clouding of the mids. Small moves make a large difference.


Sounds like a starting point then, cheers

When I moved my SCM11 to the living room they were in a bit of space and sound was on the thin side. Moved them quite close to the wall and it became much richer, a big improvement.


15cm seems to be the balance between bass , which is better, while keeping the vocals free… more fiddling later. Get the hrs on them now.


Enjoy, I’m a big fan of the SCM sound.


Hifi dog although my scm40 are bigger they did take some breaking in I’d say around 130 hours. I had them 89 cm from solid rear wall no bass boom however stage depth diminished somewhat. Over time I’ve moved closer to wall now 85, stage depth is now opening up. Guide lines only help a bit but each room is very different. Mine like some toe in and now 2200 mm apart maximum I can get in living room.
Fitting a hifi system in a domestic environment where harmony must be maintained is always a compromise.
I’m using whitchhat cables with long runs persevere atc are fabulous speakers :wink:

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How are you getting on with them @Hifi-dog ?

Mine have about 2m between them, 18cm behind them and a touch of toe in.

I will get slaughtered for this but they remind me (in a good way) of hearing Quad ESL63s, utterly seamless.

Best, Chris

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I know tech measurements don’t always tell the whole story and I don’t have any experience of atc but reading the spec sheet the scm7 are -6db at 60hz. That is quite a drop off from where their midrange will be. Hungry halibuts tablet 10s are designed for close wall placement- recommended proac in their brochure. Atc recommend positioning their speakers 1m from side walls and 2m from the back wall. They do also say if the bass is light to move them back slightly but really 2m out is serious domestic trouble territory. It would be interesting to get some feedback from atc themselves.

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To find optimum speaker -and, equally important, listening - positions I would use REW software with a measuring microphone - far quicker than trying to do by ear, as assessing each position takes seconds and shows exactly what is happening.

However, with a spec showing them 6dB down (quarter loudness) at 60Hz, I wouldn’t ever expect to get the bottom octave at anything like realistic level. Hard against a wall would help, even more so right in a corner, though not sure what that would do to upper bass.(REW would show.)

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I recently heard these little speakers hooked up to a Nap 250 and I was pleasantly surprised at their capability in the bass. I’d say placement is critical though. Obviously they were rather limited in their dynamics and impact due to driver size but transparency and tonal balance was lovely.

Congratulations on the ATC SCM 7’s! …a great pair of speakers.

Not much help since I have them out about 3 feet from the wall with slight toe in while located the room downstairs where they are in use. If I had them in the my living room up stairs I would have them about 12 inches from the back wall.

The sweet spot should be somewhere between 10 and 15 cm. from the wall, depending on your room, furnishings, preferences, and so on.

I found that they’re fussy about stands. ATC (and many others) recommend heavy, mass-loaded stands. While that will give you a surprising amount of bass weight - more than you would imagine possible from such a small box - I found that approach was not good for PRaT, and I eventually had a pair of skeletal Something Solid stands made for them, which gave a fast, balanced, detailed sound.

Good luck with them, and keep us posted.

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I think @anon4489532 did an important observation. Switching from rear ported Dyns fairly close to the wall to a sealed box that is also brand new, is not likely to be a success right off the bat. Especially as Dyn monitors are prone to bass boom close to a wall, as many rear ported speakers are.

100 hours brake-in is a minimum imo. As an example, the booklet that came with my SF Guarneri’s explicitly says the speakers need a minimum of 300 hours before any serious auditioning or tweaking their placement.

Thanks for all the replies chaps. At the moment I have settled on 13cm out and 1.8m apart with toe in. The bass is developing and the treble has softened a bit but they are a lively bouncy speaker. I put some test tones through them and could just about sense output at 31.5 hz and clearly audible 45hz so pretty darn good. They are on dynaudio stand 10 filled with a tub n half of atabites in each so darn heavy!
They seem more dynamic than the dyns and project more especially mids, but it could be the lighter faster tonal balance.
Enjoying them so far and they dominate the room less so wife happy


Might be worth noting that ATC recommend that our ears are on the axis which lies between the tweeter and woofer, so stand height will important.

Stands which are too low will tend to emphasise bass, all other things being equal, because the woofer is closer to the floor than it would be on taller ones.


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Could you recommend software and a particularly microphone? This is new to me but sounds interesting and something I might explore.

PS sorry for the thread hijack!

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The dynaudio stand 10 is 60cm and height is Bob on for my sofa