ATC SCM40 binding posts: any tips or tweaks?

I have a pair of passive ATC SCM40s and they are wonderful speakers in my system. However, I do find that the binding posts on the back of the speaker are a bit frustrating to use. They are not particularly high quality and are difficult to tighten down when using spade lugs., largely due to the small amount of space around the posts which makes it difficult to get a good grip. I was thinking that it might be possible to just replace the knob of the binding post with something that could be more easily tightened using a screwdriver or allen key. Has anyone tried this?

You are better off using Banana plugs on the end of your speaker cables, they give a much better connection than spade terminals do.


Always… Or the Naim SA8’s, where appropriate.

Cheap As Chips. Get Deltrons.

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Deltron bananas on the speakers and Naim SA8 if using Naim amps.

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Thanks everyone. I actually have some of those Deltron bananas which I found due to the help provided by people here. I have bananas going into the ATC from my power amps but my high level Rel subwoofer cable came with spades so I was trying to use those which is where the issues with screw down binding posts originated. But, I should really bite the bullet and replace the spades with the Deltrons!

I use spades with my speakers and can tighten them by hand easily.
How about using pliers?

Be careful. It’s easy to overtighten when using pliers and you can end up rotating the whole socket assembly out of alignment.

A little common sense goes a long way. I question whether banana plugs have better contact than spades too, as suggested by someone above.

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