Atc scm50 aslt

So that’s this years upgrades over with and it’s been a hectic year. However I’m already looking to next year. :wink: tbh though it does depend on the intended house sale and move that’s also planned for 2020.

The active (or passive) SCM50 tower speakers are currently high on my choices for the next purchase

I already have the SCM40 (non-active) and I was originally thinking go for the passive SCM50 but I think my current amplification might be a little lacking (2xP1).
There seem to be several choices and possible ways forward:
So I could go passive with the P1 amps I already have. If it doesn’t work out then buy the active pack to ‘upgrade’ the SCM50. It would have probably cheaper though, if I ended up doing that, if I’d gone active at the start!
Another option is replace one of my P1s for a P2 and use the P2 for the bass drivers keeping the other P1 for the mid/upper. This is the cheapest route and is one of the options mentioned on the ATC forum, but I don’t know. Some people say the passive SCM50 is better than the active but, obviously, it’s really dependent on the amp(s).
Of course I could go for passive and a pair of P2 but that doesn’t save any money over going for the full active SCM50.

Choices, choices…

I’m talking about next year anyway so no rush.


You really ought to wait until you have the room to put them in before worrying about speakers.

I’m possibly facing a similar situation next year and though I have a wish list for the new place there’s no guarantee I can get it. My NBLs have no boxes so a move if fraught with uncertainty anyway, I don’t even know if I’ll have a suitable wall to put them against. I’m assembling a list of possible replacements but the assumptions I’m using may prove to be way off the mark when he time comes. I’m certainly not confining myself to one make or even type of speaker.

Yes… I like to dream though :slight_smile:

One of my favourite things about owning Active ATC’s is that I never ever worry about having the correct Amplifier, it’s already there bolted on the back . Of course you can get great sound with the Passives but if you already like ATC it is a nice feeling not having to think about amps and cables etc …

If I were to move and change to the Classic series I’d (space permitting) buy the 100’s with the Anniversary Amp packs as an extra . Not that the 50’s aren’t better than the 40 , I just felt when listening to the 100 the jump was bigger and more worthwhile.

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Well yes BUT funds permitting :slight_smile:

You never mentioned funds :joy:

Well the 15K for the Active SCM50’s (tower version) is probably about as high as I want to go for amps+speakers.

When I’ve seen the Classic Series I’ve always preferred the ASL versions on the mini included stands and they’re about £1300 cheaper . The 50 ASL are £13 k list so I’m sure you could knock a bit off that as well .

I actually thought the 50 and 100 were closer in price . There’s almost a 4K difference so yes , Funds .

But didn’t you end up with a £10k dCS Bartok as your choice of “sub 5 grand DAC” ?

Seriously, though at this price level whatever you go for you should have an extended demo in your new listening room. Also, you really, really want the active version of whatever you get in the ATC line; after all, you know should have got the active version of your SCM40s. :grinning: And finally, to get the best from them you’ll probably want to play with positioning, so it’s worth bearing in mind that these weigh in 53.3kg.


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My room is far from perfect for them but when I listened to the SCM40A alongside the 50s it was a no brainer for me and it was always going to be the big brother that I ended up giving house space to.

The room can come in the future, as we plan to extend when the kids are a little older but in the meantime, oh man these things are monsters and sound fantastic, I can enjoy them now and even more so again when the time allows to put them in an even more suitable environment…

In the meantime, where do I sign up to the mullet list?

Talking of Sub 5 Grand DAC’s (Ex dem on sale) I’m very much missing the Vega G2 I returned on Monday . Extremely impressive and tempting for the New Year !

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We just heard the active ATC 50 and have not quit thinking about them! Really great sounding and a bargain at the price vs my ProAc K6 and 500DR.

Yes… you’re right… I should have gone with the active SCM40s BUT, in my defense, I was already partly down the path of separate amplification then… I mean I had the SN2 with no plan to change. Fortunately I have a local ATC dealer (the nearest dcs was Oxford!) so loan/demo won’t be an issue with the 50s.

This sort of talk is NOT inducive to keeping a healthy credit card. :wink:

Yes it is good, isn’t it?

I’ve tried to avoid going on too much about my Vega; this is after all a Naim forum. But I think there may be an opportunity for Naim here. They have already shown flexibility in introducing one-box systems which just need a pair of speakers. My understanding is that the excellent Atom and Nova have been selling well and, at least with the smaller houses we have in the UK, cater to a section of the market who want good sound without large racks of equipment taking up costs of space and dominating the room. For those who want similar minimalist systems but at a higher SQ level a one-box streamer/DAC/pre into active speakers (or perhaps passive with just a power amp) is an elegant solution. Certainly Linn seem to think so and presumably companies like dCS, Auralic and Lumin see this as a sector of the hifi market worth pursuing. Naim have already dipped their toes in this pond with the 272 and very successfully, too. So how about, say, a Nova-sized box without a power amp but significantly upgraded internals? Or …



Sounds very interesting. 272+ PS into a powered speaker would be a winner.

Doubt it will happen with passive-speaker Focal in the mix.

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I agree .

I also feel the overriding sentiment of Members in mentioning the Vega etc is the lack of a similar (current streaming) product if you were buying new today in Naim’s portfolio. It’s a product that many are crying out for and would no doubt be a huge success. I was out of sync when the 272 was released , I already had a ND5XS/Hugo system and if the 272 was released a little earlier I’d probably have bought one . I love the Uniti range and the new streamers , they are excellent and I think it goes without saying that ‘something’ is surely in development. Another positive of this Forum is the incredible Market research and customer feedback it gives Naim . They can be in no doubt of what many would like ?

In the meantime there are other products out there that are probably a better fit for those of us with Active ATC’s at that price level and I for one would like to take my source up a notch next year without too many boxes . I’m not in a mad rush and I may be out of sync again as you can’t be 100% sure that something from Naim appears .

An NDX2 with a separate (ATC) Pre could also be a possibility.

If you liked your Hugo, you could consider trying a Hugo TT or Dave, as the balanced XLR outputs they have might be a good match for the ATC balanced inputs. Not something I’ve tried, but something I might investigate in the future.

Yes but I think the TT would be a sideways move as the Benchmark DAC3 I have is very good and has Balanced outputs as well . I think DAVE is always something that should be considered though. However the most impressive thing about the Auralic was the Analogue Pre Section which had a pretty consistent signature across the range dispelling the feeling that ATC Actives don’t perform optimally at lower levels . A feeling I also held to be honest , it seems that my DAC3 has a sweet spot starting around 75-80db listening volume . This was explained to me by Benchmark as the best signal to noise ratio when explaining the benefits of adding their separate analogue Pre .

Excuse the basic question but if you use the active version of the ATC 50 that means you need no separate power amp but still a separate pre-amp?

WHat would be the equivalent Naim power amp eg 250? 300? 500?