ATC SCM7 with NAIT 5Si

I often use REW created filters, but in my opinion it is only for subtle optimisation, and even it is designed to only provide subtle changes when building filter kernels for quality audio use unless you over ride it.
So if you limit REW filter adjustments to plus or minus 3dB as I do then you still need good speaker room matching, and you can really maximise the audio and it’s intelligibility in your listening room.

I personally think so much frustration and disappointment with home Hi-Fi is due to poor speaker room setup.
I have heard some shockingly poor (in my opinion) systems using 500 series or higher based systems over the years let down by poor speaker/room matching, and equally some jaw dropping systems using relatively modest Hi-Fi components and speakers, but the speakers seemed to match the room they were in perfectly.

You can’t assume you will get better performance, just by splashing the cash on better electronics…

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I agree totally. From working in the hi fi business 20 years ago I’d hear some bizarre setups. Massive Martin Logans almost side by side in a very small room being one memorable arrangement. You were sitting right next to a wall of electrostatic panel! It was always the big speakers that were the problem, never the small ones. I’m drawn to the ATCs due to the fact they are sealed boxes so shouldn’t cause hassle with port output.


There are a few pairs of Merlin TSM MMM on sale at the moment on a popular site across the pond in the land of the free.

do look them up - good reviews on the popular search site

I use them for now 6+ years they are very nice - very musical and sealed look great and voices and jazz just flow…the construction is super…

These arent made any more as the company has wound up after the founders passing but that should be a show stopper as speaker technology barely changes and the components of a good speaker construction and philosophy and execution remain the same.


if this post is in violation of may forum rules - may please remove. Sorry to give you work.

Maybe you might feel some desire for these looking at them :wink:

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I only mentioned REW because they seem to have a high reputation in these parts. Many posts about room acoustics have replies along the lines of “don’t bother unless you’re going to take some measurements first.”

Totally agree about the lack of correlation between price and quality. The most enjoyable system I recall hearing was an LP12 / 32.5 / 140 setup (no HiCap) at the original Sound Organisation in 1988. I’ve since heard active systems and, most recently, a system with a Statement and, while they did some things well, didn’t come close to blowing me away.

As the years go by, I find myself giving more and more attention to setup and installation. Some of the most satisfying upgrades I’ve made have been inexpensive or free tweaks, and not box upgrades. I’ve had a 552 in my system for a year and a half - recently recapped and DR’d - and (heresy alert) I’m not certain it’s a compelling musical improvement on the elderly 72 I have sitting in a box in my basement (though it seems to be still burning in after several months, and my racks are overdue a full rebuild).

From a purely consumer perspective, buying a used car is a trivial exercise compared to acquiring a satisfactory audio system.

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Interesting. Makes sense. I felt the same way as you about the 11s vs the 7s

Your system reminds me of a story I heard in the 90s about a guy who supposedly ran a CDS/Nait 2. At the time I thought it was crazy but as I heard more gear I started to understand it.

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Naim amps are great with the ATC’s. In my experience, the SCM 11 are easier to drive than the SCM 7


The SCM7s don’t get much love in these parts. Among small standmounters, there appear to be many more happy users of ProAc Tablette 10s (a speaker I’m curious to try) and Harbeth P3ESRs, among others. As far as I’m aware, @kuma is the only other user who prefers the 7s to the 11s.

This just underscores the importance of trying everything for yourself, speakers above all because they can vary so much from one room to the next. And yes, I would agree that it’s odd to prefer the lowest speaker in any range to the next one up :thinking:

That was my impression too, even though I ended up preferring the 7s.

I do like proac but the tablettes are particular about positioning with rear porting giving the potential for problems. My thoughts are that the ATCs are going to be slightly less fussy as they are a sealed box.
Hopefully should be getting them through midweek so looking forward to updating you then!

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The Tab 10s are not ported


Indeed - they are sealed boxes so mine are very close to rear wall

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Neither they are, wasn’t aware of that! Maybe a bit too spendy but that’s worth knowing. I’ve admired the fact ATC build all their own drivers.

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Uniti Star, perhaps?

I’ve had the SCM7s on the go for a few days now. The NAIT 5si has enough power to drive them in the small room they are used in with no problem. Yes, you would benefit from having more headroom in a larger space as they are fun to crank and seem to soak up power without any complaint. I find between 9 and 10 o clock on the NAIT an adequate amount of juice. I’m sitting directly in front of them using them as studio monitors for some of the time and they work nicely in this respect. The sealed box low end is a bit different, it’s a while since I’ve heard anything that isn’t ported.


Good to hear. What’s your source? (Apologies if this was mentioned earlier.)

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I use an Audiolab CDM/DAC (mid 90s), Tidal via Apple airport express optical into dac. Also an old Planar 2 (70s) undergoing refurb via a creek phono pre.

Well, the bad news is you probably need to upgrade your sources. The good news is the 7s are capable of big rewards for every step up

The CDM/DAC will be replaced at some point, probably when it stops working. It’s most likely the CDM will be first to go. On that sad day I’ll be looking at whichever used Naim player is cheap, cheerful and repairable. If the DAC dies I’m not sure which route I’ll go down. It’s a very good sounding setup so I wouldn’t bother replacing it for the sake of it.
As for the Rega, it’s got a clear upgrade path. Ceramic bearing, 24v motor kit, sub platter. The external wiring is now replaced by audio origami which was a big improvement, maybe internal rewire too? The 7s are more forgiving of the old Rega than I’d expect but the speed stability (or lack of) is noticeable. I’d be cheaper buying a new one but it’s kind of like a classic car that way.

The Rega Apollo/Chord Qutest combo would be outstanding (and cost effecive) if you want to have a separate DAC. I run that combo on a 32.5/hicap/250 with ATC HTS 7s (the wall mount version of the SCM 7s) and it’s fabulous. I would love to use a CD5 XS as transport but for some reason they are even more expensive on the secondary market than CDX2.2!

The main thing is the Nait works with the 7s and you’re happy with it. Glad that worked out.

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