Show us your ATCs

Chair for illustrative purposes only!

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It is indeed a good picture. The Ikea POÄNG chairs are superbly comfortable and like some Naim units, punch well above their weight / price tag. Sadly the colours have become rather monochromatic over recent years. I was lucky enough to to buy two in a wonderful dark red leather many years ago and thankfully, they have survived the children intact.

Reading through this thread has been fascinating. I wonder how many here have employed any form of acoustic treatment of their rooms? I’m thinking particularly base traps that can be fitted relatively easily without spoiling decor and upsetting partners.

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Some great photos and setups here.
What kind of (power) amplification do people think is needed (or has worked for you) for the SCM7 or SCM11? I rather like the idea of trying them?

i has a nova with scm 11 and it was ok but SN2 & now 3 brought them to life. Outside of naim I’ve used Atc’s own amp and a leema tucana. Huge power is not necessary but the ability to deliver current with a stiff power supply helps.


Interesting, so may be the SCM7 are easier??


In other threads users have reported that the 11’s are easier to drive than the 7’s.

in the ATC SCM7 with NAIT 5Si thread you will find some discussion: at post 41 @nicnaim writes…

“Naim amps are great with the ATC’s. In my experience, the SCM 11 are easier to drive than the SCM 7.”


Just picked up my pair of scm40a’s 5 weeks early :grinning: It was a bit of a squeeze in my mini!
Setting them up over the weekend, I’ll be using a music first passive pre and when i get the correct cables my nac 32.5/hc (running balanced via transformers). I’ll post pictures once they are set up.
Many thanks to Andy at the Audiobarn


Hope you enjoy them: can’t really use mine at the moment due to bunged-up ears and lots of Otex :unamused:

Loving my ATC 20aslt’s / Atom HE combo, its awesome!


That’s a shame, hope you get better soon and back to enjoying yours.

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It’s an awesome chair, have to agree, great design and so comfortable.

Much appreciated! It would appear then that both would enjoy a fair bit of current, which I am guessing might be relevant especially for lower volume listening?

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I have used a NAP155XS and now a NAP200DR with my SCM7s.

In the summer, a branch of the dealer I use here in the UK had an ATC open day. I didn’t go but I did chat with one of the staff members the following week. He said the SCM7s were mostly on the Atom, and lots of their customers have them on that too. Bit of toe-in, fairly close to the wall etc.


I’ve also heard dealers comment about the SCM7 as not so much of a difficult load but then the Atom has some special qualities!
I’m curious how they play quietly but I know, nothing like trying in one’s own room.


I had GAIA II’s under my 50ASL’s but they didn’t work that well. I originally got them for 40A’s and there they worked great. I guess the weight limit is too close with 50ASL. Later I did try GAIA I with 50’s and they worked much better but the price is just too steep for the benefits. Granite slabs + spikes works great for me.



Apologies for a) slight drift in the thread topic b) possible restating a previous discussion.

Still thinking of my next speakers… I’m torn between the ATC SCM40A and the ATC SMC20ASLT (50’s are just too much money). Yes, I’ll try both at home BUT, meanwhile, can anyone clarify the differences? The knee jerk reaction is to jump to the conclusion that because the 20’s are over a grand more then they must be better, but then the 40’s have the mid range driver. Room size c. 25’ x 16’. ISTR there was another thread discussing this topic so apologies.

Excellent Photograph :+1:

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Aesthetically the 20s are way ahead of the 40s in my view. The UK built cabinets with a wide range of high quality veneered finishes to choose from are much nicer, and they don’t have those bizarre grilles. In fact, they don’t have any grilles.
As for sound quality, hard to say as I’ve never heard them side by side.

Indeed, I find these chicken-wire grilles somewhat off-putting, and I fear my wife would find stronger words… Admittedly, they are more acceptable with black speakers. :see_no_evil:

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I wish they could combine the design of the ATC SCM40A with quality of finish of the ATC SCM20ASLT. I think the 40’s are a much better design, just fling the grills away, the 20’s not so nice, design looks like an after thought with that metal panel stuck on some nice veneers.