Atom + 250DR or Uniti Nova

Hi guys… Im new on the forum… I’ve read a lot of posts with similar questions but not the same and still can’t get a response.

I currently own a Uniti Atom (as pre) with an 250DR and a PMC Twenty5.24.

I know that I’m not getting the best of the 250, but the question is… based on your experience, a Nova and the Pmc should sound better than my actual configuration?

Here I can’t get the nova to try it out… neither have an 272 available to try or buy…

I don’t wan’t to spend much more money on 282/Hicap/Ndx, so the thing is should i keep the actual (atom + 250) or trade the two boxes for a Nova. Always keeping the PMC… at least for a while.

Thank you for your advices… and by the way I’m just an amateur on audio things.

3 years ago i compared the atom and the star and decided for the star because of the better sound. now i have compared the star with the nova and the nova is Nine my main system. i still had a few sound problems with the nova, but now they seem to have been resolved with the naca5 cables. the step from atom to nova is significant for me. i don’t know the difference between atom and atom + 250dr. I will soon get the 250.2 to try out with the Nova. then i can say something about how a nap on a uniti changes the sound. the best thing to do is listen to a nova sample.

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I just added the 250DR to the Nova and the uplift is astounding, seems now a better match for my ATC40.
All I can say is it works in my environment, main variable as ever is now the recording quality of the source stream, this has become if anything more noticable.
I wonder which of the 2 boxes I should connect with the 1 Naim Powerline I own.

Did you try biamping?

No, hard enough as it is running 8m NAC5 around door frames and furniture!
Others suggested there may not be much gain.

Do you have experience ?

I will try a nap250.2 next week and i have speaker cable to test both options

The Nova by itself was not capable of taking advantage of the ATC?

I mean if i trade the Atom + 250DR for a Nova, maybe I would get some kind of short with the PMC?

Nova definitely did not reach ATC SCM40 in bass department and midrange except at much higher volumes. Not sure I can advise on your speakers. I initially misread your post, really not sure you will do better with Nova alone instead of what you got.

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