Atom display is faint (barely visible)

Display on Atom can hardly be seen (barely visible). I have to unplug the unit to get the display back to normal state. The firmware’s up to date. Any suggestions?

I’d suggest bypassing the forum and going direct to your dealer or Naim Support.

Assuming you’ve not set the display to auto off but the symptoms don’t sound like it.

Sounds like a hardware fault. Take it to your dealer and get them to check it over. How old is it?

My original early atom had a display fault, with a corrupt display showing random pixels, not the same I know but I still think likely to be hardware as there’s no dimming feature, display either on or off.

that is one of the symptoms of the display bug that is being tested at the moment but still worth talking to your dealer. My nova did the same on odd occasions.

Same happens with me. Twice.
After restart everything is fine again. I think it has to do with the software because in both cases the screen is off/on.

As others pointed, nothing new under the sun, this is one of the numerous screen-related bug of the current software, and personally, I’m seriously growing tired of it; my Atom does that more than often and I have to power-cycle it.
Even more annoying, i don’t get it why the front display on/off option has to automatically goes dark after 2 hours if no button is pressed in that timeframe. why the hell does Naim decide to equip the Uniti kits with that gorgeous screen if no matter whether the option is disabled or not, the screen will goes automatically off ? I don’t get it. Not all of us are annoyed by the screen brightness when listening to music and I’m not sure I’ll hear a noticable difference if the sound is the intended purpose of doing that.
So come on Naim, give us the damned choice. If I want my screen to remain on all the time, no matter whether I press the volume slider or buttons of the remote or the app, that should be my choice, not the one Naim think is better.
I’m puzzled here.

yep the screen control options are poor, should have been a straightforward option on the remote to switch off and also give the track info screen as another option with a variable time-out that can be preset via the app if desired

I’ve never seen this on my Nova, but that may reflect how rarely I ever look at its screen!

The lag when the screen is off and when the volume is displayed whilst adjusting is shocking!

Thanks for the replies this was a Crutchfield purchase. An HDMI inout was later added by Audio Plus Services. I’ve only witnessed the screen dim phenom a couple of times (when powered on)…since the last firmware update…but it was not immediately after that update…only encountered recently…this past week. The problem goes away after cycling it. Odd.

Try applying the new firmware out today. See here;

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