Atom factory reset

Did someone do a factory reset? It is risky?
Since the last update, the radios work intermittently (it is not the internet signal) and it does not play half of the HD files (I tried total shutdown, run the files from a pendrive, format fat and exfat, etc)
Since nothing works, it occurred to me to do a factory reset. I can’t find experiences in the forum
and in the first song the cover is never shown. Only from the second

You will lose presets if you do a factory reset, but otherwise it is a highly recommended move if you’re having issues.
However, before you take that step, it’s worth performing a power cycle first - unplug your Atom from mains power, leave for about 15 minutes or so and then reconnect.
While your Atom is down - and before you power it back up - why not do some housekeeping of other key devices: reboot your router and do a full power down and back up of your phone/tablet running the Naim App.

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Thanks. I had already made the above suggestions.
I did the factory reset and everything remains the same.
I thought that the reset was a downgrade, but it is only configuration.
I have already contacted the technical service

Do let us know if we can help further - such as chase up your Support ticket number.


My Ticket Number is 121707

Thanks. Obviously the Support team is extremely busy helping people with firmware updates right now, but i’ll flag this up for attention, too.

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