Atom HE - Artwork & Song Display time-out


Does anyone know if you can keep the artwork and song info showing on the display of a Atom HE ? Current it times out after a few seconds?


You can make it stay on all the time in the Nsim app settings. Go to Settings → Other settings → Display then deselect Turn off during playback

I interpreted the question differently: if you move close to the Atom, the screen changes to show the artwork. As far as I know you cannot set a timer on how long this is shown before the art work picture comes back to the screen.

Yes, the proximity sensor obviously only has effect if you have the Turn off during playback setting enabled and then it will subsequently turns off after the usual delay. You are correct that in that case you can’t alter the time for which it is temporarily displayed. But if MGG wants to “keep the artworks and song info showing” (i.e. constantly displayed), then that doesn’t matter. I thought that was what s/he wanted…

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I found the setting in the app and have changed the display to stay on continuously. :+1:

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