Atom HE - can I change what the Headphone button does?

I use the HE primarily as a preamp for my NAP250DR.
When the Atom powers on it always defaults to the headphone option.
Can I change this so it defaults to the pre-amp out option?


The headphone button is there in order to switch off the outputs to the external amps (both RCA and XLR) and switch on the output to the rear four pin balanced headphone output. (The front headphone connections automatically do that function). I have all of those outputs connected all the time as I use both an external power amp, and sub woofer, and often use headphones which are connected all the time. When powered up, the unit will go to what ever mode it was in when it was powered down (normally for me that means the amplifiers). If yours is not doing that, then something could need fixing.

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Thanks @cephas
Interesting - mine doesn’t.
I’ve just tried a few times.
Take out of standby - press the headphone light so it goes out and the speakers come on.
If I put it in standby again then take out of standy, the headphone button is lit, so I have to press it again to get the speakers to work.

It seems an unusual type of fault

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