Atom HE.firmware question?

Does anyone know where/if Naim publishes the current firmware version for the new Uniti products, inc. the Atom HE?



The settings menu in the app will tell you what version you are running, and whether or not a newer version is available.

Thanks ChrisSU,

Knew that, but that wasn’t what I was looking for, but rather a listing similar to that for the older kit……


They don’t seem to list them and upgrades on the current series is all largely ‘automated’ through the App……and of course, this would prevent any form of firmware roll back if desired……


My Atom is on 3.8.4 (5453) if that’s of any help.


Thanks Roger,

Interestingly the Atom HE is on 3.8.1 (5437).

Hence why, IMO, Naim should get around to publishing a definitive list of current and previous firmware releases for their new hardware……

It can’t be that hard, if their release management is up to par, can it?


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My Atom HE is “up to date” on firmware 3.8.2 (5443).


Mine is also on 3.8.1 since the day it arrived, never got one software update on it.

Maybe there are different boards with different firmware revisions.

The last two responses make for interesting reading as there appears to be two ‘up to date’ versions of Atom HE software….?

Perhaps @Richard.Dane might ask the gurus at Naim for some clarification….


I think that 3.8.2 was just very minor patch for anyone experiencing stalling issues using Qobuz.

Hmm, my Atom HE also is at 3.8.1 (5437)

So, what is the current version? There can only be one.

As The Highlander said……; :grinning:


The current version is the one that your Atom HE says is the latest version.

All of this uncertainty will be removed with the next firmware update which will apply to all of the new Uniti streamers.

Mine’s a non-HE Atom. Hence the “if it’s of any help” rider in the post.


That clarifies the difference :wink:

New Atom HE out of box and initial update — to 3.8.1 (5437) …

If there’s differences out there, could be any reason, even regional potentially….but as @davidhendon says, the latest version is the one that your unit is happy with….

Sounds like a new update is incoming anyway….David – will that include the Core by chance…?


The Core is separate firmware from the streamers. So it won’t be included in the next streamer firmware release. I’m not allowed to comment on beta testing, so all I can say is that Naim will update the Core firmware if it needs updating…

It does…!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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It’s needed updating from the day it was released.

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