Atom he into sn3

Im doing a test into my sn3 and want to use my atom he, but i cannot find the link plug. Im using hicap dr and checked my boxes. Ingot it set up for power amp mode and its quite good, however flipping it back to the ndx2 i immediately felt the musicality strength and dynamics that the ndx2 adds. Ive got an opportunity to get a 250dr and you know what will happen after that. Has anyone added a 250dr to the sn3 with a n ndx2? Is it progress?

I use an Atom HE as a preamp for a pair of 135s in one system. There is nowhere for a link plug.
The preamp RCA outs are each connected to a 135. No need for a Hicap and indeed you can’t power an Atom with a Hicap.
If you wanted to use an Atom HE as a preamp for a 250 you’d need either a 2 x RCA to a Naim 3 pin plug, or 2 x XLR into a Naim 3 pin plug. Chord (and others) can make you these. The RCAs are easier to work with.



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