Atom HE no longer sees my UPnP server

I use Windows Media Player on my PC as a UPNP server for my playlists and that’s worked fine since I bought the Atom earlier this year.
I use playlists most of the time.

Two days ago I noticed that the Media Player server no longer appeared on the list of Servers.
Since when I’ve been trying to establish why.
Media Streaming on my PC is turned on.
I’ve Reset the App
I’ve turned off the Atom, Router, Pc and my mobile then turned them on again, but still no sign of the Media Player server.
I’m at a loss what to try next - any ideas please?


WMA whilst free, is not a great player, so it may be worth trying something like Asset which is used by many on the forum. There is a free trial version which may help in diagnosing your issue.

Also do you have any other networking products, eg a second Wi-Fi system, Wi-Fi extenders, switches etc.

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Have you taken a look at the several existing threads on this very issue?
Your answer may lie there.


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Thanks @GadgetMan
I have the trial version of Asset (6 days of trial remaining) which is OK and does still appear as a Server on the Naim app. and does work as it should.
But, Asset does not have a playlists feature as far as I can tell which is what I use 90% of the time, so isn’t of much use to me really, but I do like some of its other features.

I bit the bullet just now and restored the Factory Settings on the Atom.
After 10 mins of entering my (unnecessarily complex) wifi password my Media Player Server has reappeared as a Server on the Naim App. and works fine again. So I guess it was the Atom that caused the problem.
So very relieved that I can listen to music again. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Neilb1906 yes I did, but much of what was said either went over my head or wasn’t related to WMP anyway as far as I could see.
But problem now solved - see above

Excellent Pete, glad you got it sorted.

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Glad it’s all sorted. Yes, Asset is a bit of a pain for Playlists. Yes you can have them, and you may be able to export your existing WMP ones to m3u files, then you point Asset to where you have exported them to. It can get fiddly though

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Asset does support playlists as indicated above. There is a playlist category in the Asset tree and you identify the folder holding the playlists in the Asset configuration. Quite easy. I use playlists all the time.

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