Atom HE & Supernait or KEF LS50 Wireless II

Due to a house fire (no one hurt, thankfully), all my hi-fi, vinyl & CD’s were written off. At the moment I have a Atom HE and Focal Clear MG’s. Later in the year I am hoping to get speakers and a Supernait (when room is restored). Can the Atom HE be connected to a Supernait and be used as a streaming headphone stage? Or does the fact that it is a preamp preclude this? Would something like KEF LS50 Wireless be a better solution? Listening priority at the moment is 135k ALAC files (hard drives survived). At a later date I will add a Linn turntable. Thoughts appreciated.

You can use the supernait in power amp mode by connecting the atom he to the av input and switching av bypass on. That’s means you would use the atom he volume control.

Or add a power amp eg nap 200, but then you’re limited to the atom he inputs which are minimal.

That sounds awful, glad no-one hurt!

Have you seen this thread:

A bit about using the HE as I think you intend.

I’m using the Atom HE with a Nap 200 into SBL’s and its a modern joy. As Robert says, the Atom HE is limited on inputs, but often people don’t need many inputs.

If you have sufficient money, I’d get a Nap 250 :slight_smile:

Thanks to all for the thoughts. I prefer the NAP option. There is RCA for a phono amp, USB for a hard drive and optical for TV audio. Assume it is best to connect to NAP via RCA to DIN?

I have an Atom HE into a Naim NAP 250 DR. I’m using a custom made Chord Statement cable.
It’s so good, I will be sending my NAIM 500 system to my Naim dealer to sell on consignment.
The only thing I have a problem with is I can’t control the headphone switch on the Atom HE with a remote.
Otherwise, it’s sounds great into my Harbeth 30.2’s.

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