Atom HE with active speakers

Hi. I am considering a second system based on the Atom HE (with my existing Sennheiser HD800S headphones) coupled with active speakers. I had been interested in the Audio Acoustic AE1 speakers but am now intrigued by the Buchardt Anniversary 10 active speakers, perhaps using their Platin wireless hub.
This would seem to give me what I want in a quite minimalist system with excellent headphone performance (and having demo’d this there is no way back!) and, seemingly, great speakers.
Is there something that I have missed? I admit that I am not sure how the Atom HE connects to the Buchardt Platin hub, but I could otherwise just use balanced XLR cables.


If you are looking for a minimalist headphone amp/streamer, then the Atom HE certainly fills the bill. It is a very versatile product, as well as being a very good headphone amp. I’ve never heard the speakers you are considering, but keep in mind that the most important feature of speakers is how they sound in your room, so be sure to listen to a few, preferably more than once.


I will be sure to home demo them. Buchardt only sell direct (from Denmark) but seem to have a well thought out process to try at home for up to 45 days (subject to a cost of €100 if the units are returned).

Have you demo’d the Buchardt’s yet?

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I assume you mean Acoustic Energy AE1 active. I am using this exact combination and I highly recommend it. It looks and sounds great and is really neat.


I ordered a pair of A10 in Walnut a couple of weeks ago and look forward to their delivery next month. The new Atom HE arrived already.
Now looking for suitable speaker stands, the Buchardt stands not being ideal for our setup.

Mea culpa. I decided to go ahead and demo the Buchardt A10 and am very hopeful that these will work well. I must say that Mads Buchardt is very responsive and helpful to questions.


Let us know how you get on, I have always been interested in their designs


I’ve been wondering about a pair of active AE1s for a second system I’m planning with my Auralic Vega 2 as front end. Genelec are on the “possibles” list, too. Some of their models do offer internal DSP which might be useful for the small room I’ll be using.


I’ve recently bought a pair of Genelec 8020d’s for a second desk based system connected to my Altair G2.1. They sound good and work extremely well as a desk setup, but I’m missing the magic I get from my ATCs, though that’s not really a fair comparison given the differences (design, use, price etc.). Wondering whether a sub would fill out the bass and let the mids sparkle a bit more.

Have you tried the A10s yet? If so, how are they with the HE as preamp/DAC/streamer? I’m thinking of ordering a pair but currently got the ND5 so not really an option to run with these on XLRs

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