Atom headphone edition

Anyone using the Atom headphone edition with a power amp or active speakers?

I think you will find a huge amount of information via the search function about both options.


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Plenty … have a search … Atc seems favoured

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I have an Atom HE into NAP 250DR and Kudos Titan 606 (passive) - speakers arriving next week after 2 week audition :slight_smile: I also auditioned Wilson Benesch Precision P2.0 - also excellent speakers, my ears slightly preferred the Kudos.
It needed a special cable to connect the Atom to the 250DR that Naim kindly sent me.

It does sound great.
My dealer also plugged in the new NSC 222 into the 250DR and there was a noticeable improvement in sound quality which is now tempting me…


Alternatively, ask for a Nap250 New Classic to be fed by your Atom HE.

I’m more interested in the Atom HE with active speakers using the XLR for long cable run.
What is the longest desired length with RCA phono cables?

Yes. :grin:

Had a regular Atom with NAP200, nCore400 driving Dynaudio Contour S 3.4LE
Atom HE with Hypex, LSA Warp One, active Elac Navis ARF-51
Now settled with Atom HE, LSA Warp One and Dynaudio Confidence C2 II
Could not be more happy. :blush:

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Do you already have the Atom as the NSC222 also has standard XLR outputs?

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No, I have 272 at the moment, still able to go active with 272 with the phone pre outs, not ideal in a long run of cables, also I want to stream Qobuz, which the 272 can’t do.

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